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Notes for Authors

Manuscripts should be submitted to the Editor in Chief for publication. They will undergo a thorough refereeing process prior to acceptance. Authors may be requested to revise their papers, or the Editor may reject a paper for publication.

Manuscripts should be prepared on a computer in a common software format to help the typesetting of accepted papers. Authors should write in clear and concise English. Papers should normally be about 8000 words in length. Initially, five copies of manuscripts should be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief -- papers on disk cannot be used until a paper has been accepted for publication -- they should only be sent on acceptance of a manuscript.

Papers that have been accepted for publication should be sent on disk or via email in a common software format. Authors should not use DTP software, or attempt to follow the journal's layout style. A clean. unmarked copy of the manuscript should also be sent with disks (or a PDF version sent via email). Papers using Tex should include figures as postscript files, not Tex files. Note that all source files are needed from authors.

Figures should be prepared on disk and sent in one of the formats: JPG, postscript, EPS, TIFF. Figure labelling should be no larger that l0pt.

Arrangement of Papers
Papers should be arranged in the following order:

Title. authors, affiliation and full postal/email addresses.
A 50--100 word abstract outlining the purpose, scope and conclusions of the paper.
The text, suitably divided under decimally numbered headings.
References (as complete as possible).
Tables (each on a separate sheet).
Captions to illustrations.

Tables and Figures
Tables and Figures should be numbered consecutively throughout the paper, referring to them in the text as Table 1, Figure 3, etc. Results should not be presented in both tabular and graphical forms. Electronic copies of graphics are required at 300dpi or greater, at least 8cm wide.

The minimum of descriptive text should be used on figures. with essential information relegated to the figure caption. Graph axes should have the variables labelled in full, with the abbreviation in parentheses. Scale grids should not be used in graphs unless necessary for actual measurements.

Author's originals will be used during typesetting, so the quality of the author's figures will be reflected in the quality of the typeset paper. Authors should therefore provide as good quality figures as possible.

Indicate references to the literature in the text using one of the main citation systems (Harvard, Vancouver). Where a reference is cited more than once in the text, use the same number each time. References should be complete as far as possible, including the year of publication, the publisher and their location, full article, book and conference titles, full list of authors and their initials, and page numbers where appropriate.

Correspondence and proofs for checking will be sent to the first named author uby email nless otherwise requested. Proofs are sent via email in PDF format, and corrections should be returned within two weeks. Should proofs not be returned during this period, it will be assumed that there are no corrections. Only typesetting changes can be accepted from authors at proof checking stage.

Offprints and Reprints
Offprints can be ordered from the Publisher (minimum order 100). Offprints must be ordered when returning corrected paper proofs. Details are sent to authors with their proofs for correction, along with a Copyright Transfer form.

Before publication, authors are requested to assign copyright to CRL Publishing Ltd. This allows CRL Publishing to sanction photocopying, and to authorize the reprinting of issues or volumes according to demand. Authors' traditional rights will not be jeopardized by assigning Copyright in this way, as they retain the right to reuse the material following publication, and to veto third-party publication.

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