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Recent Special Issues

Vol 33 No 2 March 2018

Special issue: BigDataSE 2016
Heng Qi and Kequi Li

An iteration-based differentially private social network data release
Tianqing Zhu, Mengmeng Yang, Ping Xiong, Yang Xiang and Wanlei Zhou

The optimization reachability query of large scale multi-attribute constraints directed graph
Kehong Zhang and Kequi Li

Tensor-based user trajectory mining
Chen Yu, Qinmin Hong, Dezhong Yao and Hai Jin

Research on tourist routes recommendation based on the user preference drifting over time
Chunjing Xiao, Yongwei Qiao, Kewen Xia and Yuxiang Zhang

Automated and precise event detection method for big data in biomedical imaging with support vector machine
Lufeng Yuan, Erlin Yao and Guangming Tan

Effective piecewise linear skeletonization of sparse shapes
Wenyu Qu, Zhiyang Li, Junfeng Wu, Yinan Wu and Zhaobin Liu

MapReduce implementation of an improved XML keyword search algorithm
Yong Zhang, Jing Cai and Quanlin Li

Human movement detection and gait periodicity analysis via channel state information
Wenyuan Liu, Zijuan Liu, Lin Wang, Binbin Li and Nan Jing

A dynamic online protection framework for Android applications
Junfeng Xu and Linna Zhou

Online and offline scheduling schemes to maximize the weighted delivered video packets towards maritime CPSs
Tingting Yang, Hailong Feng, Chengming Yang, Ge Guo and Tieshan Li

Vol 32 No 6 November 2017
SPECIAL ISSUE: International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing with Applications

Xiaobo Zhou and Kequi Li

A CRAHNs routing protocol based on the hops, channel number and channel capacity
Xue Weilian, Yuan Zhibo and Niu Bingxin

A practical M x N search routing in mobile opportunistic networks
Peng Liu, Jia Xu, Biao Xu, Tingting Fu, Zhen Jiang and Jie Wu

Joint correlation exploitation and network coding in two-way relaying systems
Zongliang ZhuanSun, Kequi Li, Heng Qi and Guolong Chen

Distributed state prediction based geographic routing for underwater acoustic sensor network
Lei Zhang, Gang Zhang, Bin Wu, Ting Zhao and Yang Shao

An efficient racetrack memory for L2 cache in GPGPUs
Ehsan Atoofian and Ahsan Saghir

SCS – A new non-volatile cache mechanism for SSD systems
Xiang Gao, Tianfang Xiao and Meifang Yang

Simulation of heat conduction in fluids on GPU with particle method
Darcy Qingzhi Hou, Zhe Wang, Jianwu Dang, Wenhuan Lu, Yuejin Cai and Jianguo Wei

Learning-based distributed locality sensitive hashing
Jia Shi, Zhaobin Liu, Zhiyang Li, Chang Liu and Wenyu Qu

Probabilistic energy-aware scheduling for wireless networked control systems
Qiang Lin, Guowei Wu and Jiankang Ren

Straight-line tracking control for underactuated ships based on LOS and adaptive fuzzy method
Lei Zhang, Gang Zhang, Bin Wu, Ting Zhao and Yang Shao

Index to Volume 32, 2017

Vol 32 No 4 July 2017

Special Issue: Elastic Data Management in Cloud Systems
Guest Editors: Abdelkader Hameurlain and Riad Mokadem

On scalability of two NoSQL data stores for processing interactive social networking actions
Sumita Barahmand, Shahram Ghandeharizadeh and Jia Li

A QoS-aware approach for discovering and selecting configurable IaaS Cloud services
Jalel Eddine Hajlaoui, Mohamed Nazih Omri and Djamal Benslimane

Autoscaling scientific workflows on the cloud by combining on-demand and spot instances
David A Monge, Yisel Garf, Cristian Mateos and Carlos Carcía Garino

Experimental comparative study of NoSQL databases: HBASE versus MongoDB by YCSB
Houcine Matallah, Ghalem Belalem and Karim Bouamrane

A clustering-based sampling method for building query response time models
Jinwen Zhang and Baoning Niu

Vol 31 No 6 November 2016

Special issue: Cyber-Physical System-related Technologies and Applications
Guest Editors: Zheng Xu, Vijayan Sugumaran and Hui Zhang

Computer aided study of factors that influence the cooperative willingness of
water-related public organizations
Qiu Ling and Qi Linkai

The scalable vocabulary tree based model for sub-image retrieval
Quan-Dong Feng, Miao Xu and Xin Zhang

Hierarchical gradient based parameter identification for non-uniformly sampling Wiener systems
Liu Ranran, Zheng Enxing, Chang Shan, Bei Shaoyi and Zhang Lanchun

Hierarchical stochastic gradient identification for non-uniformly sampling Hammerstein systems with colored noise
Liu Ranran, Zheng Enxing, Chang Shan, Bei Shaoyi and Zhang Lanchun

Research on the effects of blasting vibration attenuation by pre-split crack with HHT method
Tao Guo, Xiang Fang, Mingshou Zhong, Huayuan Ma and Yiming Mao

Stochastic gradient identification for Hammerstein systems with non-uniformly sampling
Zheng Enxing, Liu Ranran, Jiang Yifeng, Sun Yuxia and Ni FuYin

The realization of multi agent based online trading systems based on J2EE technology
Tian Run Hu, Zhang Yan Bin and Jia Lixin

The service quality evaluation of ecologic economy systems using simulation computing
Qingyuan Zhou and Juan Luo

The state space model of remanufacturing carbon footprint for low-carbon
Cui-Xia Zhang

The system of knowledge management using web based learning and education technology
Wenshu Bao, Haiying Zhou, Wang Lu and Feng Xie

Using cross ambiguity model improves the effect of Vietnamese word segmentation
Yitong Niu, Mingming Xiong, Jianyi Guo, Cunli Mao, Yantuan Xian and Zhengtao Yu

Vol 30 No 6 November 2015

Special issue
ICA3PP/U-Science 2014
Weijiang Liu and Zhiyang Li

Dynamic resource allocation based on energy utility maximization using virtual machines in cloud environment
Xiaohua Jia, Jinhai Wang, Chuanhe Huang, Qin Liu, Kai He, Jing Wang and Peng Li

Heavy hitter identification based on adaptive sampling with mapreduce
Aiping Zhou, Guang Cheng, Xiaojun Guo, Dinh Tu Truong and Chengang Zhu

Security games for service computing applications
Xinfeng Ye

Rescheduling rework jobs on single-machine of original jobs with release times
Yandong Guo, Min Huang and Qing Wang

QoS oriented task scheduling based on generic algorithm in cloud computing
ingting Wang, Weijiang Liu, Yujie Xu and Mianxiong Dong

Vol 30 No 5 September 2015

Special issue
Big Data-related Technologies and Applications
Zheng Xu, Yunhuai Liu, Xiangfeng Luo and Qing Li

Artificial neural network based grid computing of e-governance scheduling for emergency management
Qingyuan Zhou and Jianjian Luo

A task distribution algorithm compatible with background control framework for parallel simulation
Qingjun Qu and Yiping Yao

Investigation on remote monitoring system for hybrid electric bulldozer
Yan Wei, Shi Songshan, Liu Zhenggang and Li Guoxiang

Design and analysis of communication scheduling applied in water inrush perception layer of mine internet of things
Jin Bao-quan, Bai Qing, Zhang Hong-juan, Wang dong and Gao Yan

Energy-efficient power allocation for MIMO two-way cognitive relay networks
Shengqing Zhang, Jiakuo Zuo, Li Zhao and Cairong Zhu

Generating associated knowledge flow in large-scale web pages based on user interaction
Shunxiang Zhang, Kui Lu, Wenjuan Liu, Xiaobo Yin and Guangli Zhu

A SoPC design of a real-time high-definition stereo matching algorithm
Xiang Zhang, HuaiXiang Zhang, Yifan Wu and Guojun Dai

The semantic analysis of knowledge map for the traffic violations from the surveillance video big data
Zheng Xu and Haiyan Chen

Robust local outlier detection with statistical parameter for big data
Jingsheng Lei, Teng Jiang, Kui Wu, Haizhou Du and Lin Zhu

Building the concept semantic space for large text database
Xiao Wei, Daniel Dajun Zeng, Wei Wu and Yeming Dai

Vol 30 No 1 January 2015

Special issue: New Holistic Trends in Ambient Intelligence

Editorial: Ramón Hervas and José Bravo

Goal lifecycles and ontological models for intention based assistive living within smart environments
Joseph Rafferty, Liming Chen, Chris Nugent and Jun Liu

Ontological characterization and representation of context within smart environments
Laura M McAvoy, Liming Chen, Mark P Donnelly, Chris D Nugent and Paul J McCullagh

An anomolous situation detection system for cognitive impaired people
Antonio Coronato and Giovanni Paragliola

Out of context serious games: Transversal reutilization of games across healthcare domains
Alberto L Morán, Felipe Orihuela-Espina, Victoria Meza-Kubo, Ana I Grimaldo, Cristina Ramírez-Fernández, Eloísa García-Canseco, Juan M Oropeza-Salas and Luis E Sucar

Social connector: a ubiquitous system to ease the social interaction among family community members
Diego Muñoz, Francisco J Gutierrez, Sergio F Ochoa and Nelson Baloian

A model-driven approach to service composition on the basis of the specification of BPMN choreographies
Carlos Rodríguez-Domínguez, Tomás Ruiz-López, José Luis Garrido, Manuel Noguera and Kawtar Benghazi

Web-based applications for open display networks: developers’ perspective
Constantin Taivan, Rui José and Bruno Silva

Vol 29 No 6 November 2014


Editorial: Ilsun You, Fang-Yie Leu and Leonard Baroli

Modeling and analysis of mobility stochastic properties in cognitive radio networks
Jianfeng Guan, Wei Quan, Lili Wang, Changqiao Xu, Feilong Tang and Hongke Zhang

Performance evaluation of IEEE 802.11 contention control mechanisms using polygonal sequences
C Mala and B Nithya

Dual migration for mobile cloud service in 4G/LTE network
Wei Kuang Lai, Yi-Uan Chen, Tin-Yu Wu and Ya-Yin Chen

AAM -based emotion recognition using variance of facial feature points on mobile video stream
Yong-Hwan Lee, Bonam Kim and Youngseop Kim

Design and experiments of new IP traceback method based on offline analysis
Ho-Seok Kang, Tran Tin and Sung-Ryul Kim

PCNDN: Proactive caching for efficient mobility support in NDN
Ying Rao, Huachun Zhou, Deyun Gao, Hongbin Luo and Ying Liu

Vol 29 No. 4 July 2014

SPECIAL ISSUE: Multimedia Information Processing and Retrieval
Guest Editors: Kequi Li and Heng Qi

Kequi Li and Heng Qi

Multi-stage deep convolutional learning for people re-identification
Guan-Wen Zhang, Jien Kato, Yu Wang and Kenji Mase

Efficient shape representation and retrieval in large database
Zhiyang Li, Wenyu Qu, Yujie Xu, Junjie Cao and Zhixun Su

Implementation and evaluations of graphical password using object-based image ranking
Cuong Xuan Nguyen, Hung-Hsuan Huang and Kyoji Kawagoe

A hierarchical kernel for image classification based on layered representation
Heng Qi, Guoyu Lan and Kequi Li

Multiple graph regularization constrained nonnegative matrix factorization
Wei Jiang, Cong Wang and Yong-Qing Zhang

Vol 29 No. 1 January 2014

Special issue: CUBE 2012

Guest Editor
Vidyasagar Potdar

A two-phase quantitative methodology for enterprise information security risk analysis
Jaya Bhattacharjee, Anirban Sengupta, Chandan Mazumdar and Mridul Sankar Barik

Efficient spam filtering based on informative features extracted from the header fields and the URLs in the message
Aziz Qaroush, Mahdi Washaha and Ismail Khater

Diagnosis of dysarthria subtype via spectral and waveform analysis
James Carmichael

Trust evaluation in wireless ad-hoc networks using fuzzy system
Pallavi Khatri, S Tapaswi and U P Verma

Discussions on trade-offs in data aggregation in wireless sensor networks
Wuyungerile Li, Shunsuke Saruwatari, Masaki Bandai and Takashi Watanabe

Generic organization of semi-structured data
Supriya Chakraborty and Nabendu Chaki

Rate and relay diversity in temporal spectrum sharing
Ari Raptino H, Shunsuke Saruwatari, Masaki Bandai and Takashi Watanabe

Cheating detection and cheater identification in (t, n) secret sharing scheme
Zhixiao Wang, Yanxiao Liu, Wenyao Yan, Wei Wei, Junhuai Li, Deyun Zhang and Omar Alfandi

Implementing adaptive interfaces: a use model for the development of usability in interactive systems
Andrés Mejía, Reyes Juárez-Ramírez, Sergio Inzunza and Rocio Valenzuela

Decision trees to multiclass prediction for analysis of arecanut data
M Suresha, Ajit Danti and S K Narasimhamurthy

Software industry in Okinawa: is ‘domestic offshore outsourcing’ scheme feasible?
Atsushi Kato

Vol 28 No 6 November 2013

Special issue: 2nd International Symposium on Secure Virtual Infrastructures

Alois Ferscha and Siani Pearson

Mechanisms for Protecting Sensitive Information in Cloud Computing
Tomer Gershoni, Miranda Mowbray and Siani Pearson

Control as a Means towards Accountable Services in the Cloud
Volkmar Lotz, Anderson Santana de Oliveira and Jakub Sendor

How to Act Without being Observed: Progressive Privacy Architecture in
D. Davide Lamanna, Flavio Bertini, Giorgia Lodi and Roberto Baldoni

An Advanced Intrusion Detection Framework for Cloud Computing
Massimo Ficco, Salvatore Venticinque and Beniamino Di Martino

Adaptability Driven by Quality of Execution in High Level Virtual Machines for Shared Cloud Environments
José Simão and Luís Veiga

Towards an Accurate Evaluation of Deduplicated Storage Systems
João Paulo, Pedro Reis, José Pereira and António Sousa

Secure Cloud Transactions
Debmalya Biswas and Krishnamurthy Vidyasankar

Index to Volume 28, 2013

Vol 27 No 6 November 2012

Innovative Internet Technologies and Security

Ilsun You and JinShu Su

A java card security framework: requirement analysis and enforcing techniques
Youngsang Song and Jongmoo Choi

Mobility management analysis of internet based on the splitting mechanism
Huachun, Hongke Zhang and Fei Song

A secure solution with a password recovery feature for USB flash drives
Sun-Ho Lee, Kangbin Yim and In-Yeong Lee

Personalized recommendation framework based on CBR and CSP using ontology in a ubiquitous computing environment
Hyunwoo Kim, Mye Sohn and Hyun Jung Lee

A mobile location-based with time-constraint RBAC associated database management model
Hsing-Chung Chen, Yung-Fa Huang, Shu-Hong Lee, Chi-Tung Chen and Ho-Lung Hung

ICTree: discovering the underlying connections of your rental virtual machines in the public clouds
Zhenqian Feng, Bing Bai, Baokang Zhao and Jinshu Su

Self-similar properties of malicious teletraffic
Jongsuk R Lee, Don McNickle, Krzysztof Pawlikowski and Hae-Duck J Jeong

Vol 27 No 5 September 2012

Special issue: Advances in Ubiquitous Computing, Wireless and Mobile Networking, and Applications

Ilsun You, Leonard Barolli and Feilong Tang

A rate-allocation based multi-path control scheme for event-driven wireless sensor networks on constant event packet rates
Fang-Yie Leu, Fuu-Cheng Jiang, Chih-Cheng Lien, Sen-Tarng Lai and Shiuan-You Chiou

Energy-saving in wireless sensor networks considering mobile sensor nodes, single and multi events
Tao Yang, Tetsuya Oda, Gjergji Mino, Leonard Barolli, Arjan Durresi and Fatos Xhafa

Differentiated bandwidth allocation and wavelength assignment method in WDM EPON
Min-jun Kim, Yong-suk Jang, Yong-do Choi and Sung-ho Kim

Utility-based resource allocation in heterogeneous wireless environments using game theory
Yuhoing Li, Liang Yu, Tao Li, Yishan Li and Yan Shi

Grid transaction management and an efficient development kit
Feilong Tang, Ilsun You, Shui Yu, Huakang Li and Cho-Li Wang

A new iterative learning control scheme using the geometric rotation for discrete time systems
Yu Han, Naigao Jin, Guangwei Xu and Kangbin Yim

Parallelization of normal mode-WKBZ computation for ocean acoustic field
Tingting Liu, Jie Cui, Bo Wang and Gang Chen

Vol 27 No 3 May2012

Special issue: Computational Science and its Applications

Guest Editors: Osvaldo Gervasi, Bernady O. Apduhan, C. J. Kenneth Tan and David Taniar

Performance comparison of BATMAN and AODV protocols for source and destination moving scenarios
Elis Kulla, Masahiro Hiyama, Makoto Ikeda, Leonard Barolli, Bexhet Kamo
and Rozeta Miho

DSSH: Digital signature based secure handover for network-based mobility management
Ilsun You, Jong-Hyouk Lee and Kouichi Sakurai

Integration of traffic reduction and sleep scheduling in wireless sensor networks
Shinya Kondo, Akimitsu Kanzaki, Takahiro Hara and Shojiro Nishio

Clearance-based homotopic optimal path computation
Mahmudul Hasan, Marina L. Gavrilova and Jon G. Rokne

A methodology for modelling temporal nature of trust in trust maintenance for
digital enterprise
Olivia Fachrunnisa and Farookh Khadeer Hussain

Vol 27 Number 2 March 2012

Special issue: Service Oriented Computing and Applications
Guest Editors: Jun Shen, Soo Dong Kim and Nalini Venkatasubramanian

An ontology for e-government service integration
Farzad Sanati and Jie Lu

Optmized ontology-driven query expansion using map-reduce framework to facilitate federated queries
Neda Alipanah, Latifur Khan and Bjavani Thurisingham

Configurable analysis of sequential multi-party choreographies
Andreas Schönberger and Guido Wirtz

Improving QoS assessment over multiple attributes with asynchonous data
Hmood Al-Dossari, Jianhua Shao and Alun Preece

An improved pathfinding under multiple exits with SOA in a double-layered MANET
Jae-Suk Lee and Sung-Bong Yang

Vol 27 No 1 January 2012


Guest Editors: Joanna Koodziej and Hiroaki Nishino

Agent-based computing in an augmented cloud environment
Aleksander Byrski, Roman Debski and Marek Kisiel-Dorohinicki

Data integration: the method of data mapping, matching and loading grid staging catalogue
Ejaz Ahmed, Nik Bessis, Peter Norrington and Yong Yue

Hierarchical visual motion retrieval system for distributed motion DB and its user experiments
Seiji Okajima and Yoshihiro Okada

Network formation games in non-cooperative service overlay networks
Yutaka Okaie and Tadashi Nakano

A study on the effect of mutation in genetic algorithms for mesh router placement in wireless mesh networks
Admir Barolli, Fatos Xhafa, Christian Sánchez and Makoto Takizawa

Development and evaluation of an interactive texture design method
Tsuneo Kagawa, Hiroaki Nishino and Kouichi Utsumiya

Image processing of dotted picture in QR code code of cellular phones
Toshihiko Wakahara, Noriyasu Yamamoto and Hiroki Ochi

Vol 26 No 6 November 2011

Special Issue: Real-Time Systems
Guest Editor: Yunmook Nah

On the road to real-time OSGi: extending OSGi with an admission control protocol
T. Richardson and A. J. Wellings

OASIS: an architecture for dynamic instrumentation of enterprise distributed real-time and embedded systems
James Hill, Hunt Sutherlandy, Paul Staudingery, Thomas Silveriaz, Douglas C.Schmidtx, John Slabyz and Nikita Visnevskiy

Early, time-approximate modeling of multi-OS linux platforms in a systemC co-simulation environment
H. Posadas, E. Villar, Dominique Ragot and Marcos Martinez

Modeling time-triggered real-time control systems using executable time-triggered model (E-TTM) and systemC-AMS
Jon Perez, Roman Obermaisser, Carlos F. Nicolas and Iban Ayestaran

A MDE-based optimisation process for real-time systems: optimizing systems at the architecture-level using the real DSL and library of transformation and heuristics
Olivier Gilles and Jerome Hugues

Code transformations to prevent timing anomalies
Albrecht Kadlec, Raimund Kirner and Peter Puschner

RTOS support for execution of parallelized hard real-time tasks on the MERASA multi-core processor
Julian Wolf, Mike Gerdes, Florian Kluge, Sascha Uhrig, Jörg Mische, Stefan Metzlaff, Christine Rochange, Hugues Cassé, Pascal Sainrat and Theo Ungerer

A software infrastructure for dependable embedded systems
Hiromasa Shimada, Alexandre Courbot, Yuki Kinebuchi and Tatsuo Nakajima

Model-driven runtime resource predictions for advanced mechatronic systems with dynamic data structures
Stefan Henkler, Simon Oberthür, Holger Giese and Andreas Seibel

Implementing and evaluating the AHS organic middleware
Alexander von Renteln and Uwe Brinkschulte

Vol 26 No 5 September 2011

Special issue: FCST 2010
Guest Editor: Professor Kequi Li

Vol 26 No 5 September 2011

Affordance of ubiquitous learning through cloud computing
Xin Bai, Michael B Smith and Rathika Rajaravivarma

MT-BTRIMER: A master-slave multi-threaded dynamic binary translator
Xuping Tu, Hai Jin, Zhibin Yu, Jie Chen, Yabin Hu and Xie Xia

DBMISD-D: A distributed algorithm for constructing and maintaining high stability application-layer multicast tree
Jijun Cao, Jinshu Su, Jing Xie and Feng Chen

LimeVI: A platform for virtual cluster live migration over WAN
Xiaohui Wei, Hongliang Li, Qingnan Guo, Na Jiang and Liang Hu

Metadata changes in large file systems: a metadata querying perspective
Likun Liu, Cheng Chen, Yongwei Wu and Guangwen Yang

A novel method for estimating flow length distributions from double-sampled flow statistics
Weijiang Liu, Wenyu Qu, Zhaobin Liu and Kequi Li

HyperMonitor: A lightweight multi-platform monitor based on hardware virtualization
Jing Xiao and Min Zhu

Special issue - Research in e-science: current status and future direction
Guest Editors: Yi Sun, Lizhe Wang, Wei Jie and ChengFu

Vol 26 No 3 May 2011

Incremental building association link network
Zheng Xu, Xiangfeng Luo and Lizhe Wang

Auto-scaled ISL tracking for region based control infrastructure and applications in video surveillance
Peng Zhang, Sabu Emmanuel, Yanning Zhang and Cheng Fu

Energy-efficient beaconless real-time routing protocol for wireless sensor networks
Guoli Wang and Chao Huang

Dynamic fuzzy neural network for the intelligent control of a humanoid robot
Zhe Tang, Meng Joo Er and Fang Qi

A grid infrastructure for hybrid simulations
Dan Chen, Lizhe Wang, Congcong Bian and Xuguang Zhang

A feature-based detection and tracking system for gaze and smiling behaviours
Jungying Chen, Dan Chen and Oliver Lemon

Metamodel-driven SOA for collaborative e-science application
Tianyi Zang, Radu Calinescu and Marta Kwiatkowska

Special issue: Open Source Certification

Vol 25 No 6 November 2010

Kai Lin and Kequi Li

A compromise-resilient pair-wise rekeying protocol in hierarchical wireless sensor networks
Song Guo and An-Ni Shen

Characterizing the scaling capacity for multiple access wireless sensor networks
Guangcheng Qin, Panlong Yang, Guihai Chen and Deke Guo

Efficient and adaptive transmission algorithms for underwater acoustic networks
Zhongwen Guo, Yuan Feng, Lu Hong, Ying Guo and Meng Yang

An energy efficient packet aggregation scheme for wireless sensor networks
Junfeng Xu, Kequi Li, Yanming Shen and Geyong Min

Multi-category web object extraction based on relation schema
Xiaowu Chen, Yongtao Ma and Qinping Zhao

Special issue: Open Source Certification

Vol 25 No 4 July 2010

Ernesto Damiani, Luis Barbosa, Peter T. Breuer and Claudio A. Ardagna

Certification of open-source software: A role for formal methods?
Luis S. Barbosa, Antonio Cerone, Alexander K. Petrenko and Siraj A. Shaikh

OpenHMI-tester: an open and cross-platform architecture for GUI testing and certification
Pedro Luis Mateo Navarro, Gregorio Martínez Pêrez and Diego Sevilla Ruiz

Trustworthiness of the FLOSS development process
Etiel Petrinja and Giancarlo Succi

Empirical analysis of the bug fixing process in open source projects
Chiara Francalanci and Francesco Merlo

Special issue: Mobile Data Management: Models, Methodologies and Services

Vol 24 No 3 May 2010

Frank Morovan and Abdelkader Hameurlain

A new distributed grid scheme and k-NN query processing for mobile objects in spatial networks
Young-Chang Kim and Jae-Woo Chang

LookAhead continuous KNN mobile query processing
Geng Zhao, Kefeng Xuan, David Taniar and Bala Srinivasan

A motion-aware safe period-based framework for spatial alarm processing
Bhuvan Bamba, Ling Liu and Philip S. Yu

A hybrid ZigBee/Bluetooth approach to mobile semantic grids
Michele Ruta, Floriano Scioscia, Tommaso Di Noia and Eugenio Di Sciascio

Mobile multimedia management for Virtual Campfire – the German excellence research cluster UMIC
Yiwei Cao, Ralf Klamma and Matthias Jarke

Special issue: Advanced Topics on Grid, Cluster and P2P Computing
Keqin Li and Geyong Min

Vol 24 No 5 September 2009

Performance analysis and tuning for clusters with ccNUMA nodes for scientific coputing – a case study
Abdullah Kayi, Edward Kornkven, Tarek El-Ghazawi, Samy Al-Bazhra and Gregory B Newby

Exploiting object structure in hardware transactional memory
Behram Khan, Matthew Horsnell, Ian Rogers, Mikel Luján, Andrew Dinn and Ian Watson

Improving the capability of the SLA workflow broker with parallel processing technology
Dang Ming Quan, Jörn Altmann and Laurence T Yang

A parallel information retrieval method for e-commerce
Wenyu Qu, Wanlei Zhou and Masaru Kitsuregawa

A parallel shortest path algorithm based on graph-partitioning and iterative correcting
Yuxin Tang, Yunquan Zhang and Hu Chen

A secure and scalable video conference system based on peer-assisted content delivery networks
Hao Yin, ChangLai Du, Chao Ren, Zhijia Chen, Heyong Min
and Chuang Lin

Adjacency cache: an efficient P2P web cache indexing and lookup system
John Casey and Wanlei Zhou

Special issue: Network and Parallel Computing
Kequi Li, Yanming Shen and Minyi Guo

Vol 24 No 3 May 2009

An instruction folding solution for a Java processor
Tan Yiyu, Yau Chihang, Anthony S Fong and Yang Xiaojian

Restoration design in IP over reconfigurable WDM networks
Angela L Chiu, Gagan Choudhury, Robert Doverspike and Guangzhi Li

Propagation of active worms: A survey
Yang Xiang, Xiang Fan and Wen Tao Zhu

A novel data transmission scheme for mobile sensor network
Liu Weidong, Lin Chuang and Wang Jirong

An optimal lifetime-adaptive method for wireless sensor networks
Wenyu Qu, Masaru Kitsuregawa, Yanming Shen and Takashi Nanya

Approximation algorithms for inner-node weighted minimum
spanning trees
Chao Peng, Yasuo Tan, Naixue Xiong, Laurence T Yang and Hong Zhu

A context quality management infrastructure for complex ubiquitous environment
Siliang Tang, Jianhua Yang and Zhaohui Wu

On the design of P2P video streaming with layered coding
Yanming Shen and Kequi Li

Special issue: Engineering Fault Tolerant Systems
Nicolas Guelfi, Henry Muccini, Patrizio Pelliccione and Alexander Romanovsky

Vol 23 No 5 September 2008

On the development of standards based carrier grade platforms
Francis Tam

Model driven development of railway systems using diversity
Michele Banci, Stefania Gnesi, Alessandro Fantechi and Giovanni Lombardi

Deploying fault tolerant web service compositions
Nuno Laranjeiro and Marco Vieira

Formal analysis of BPEL workflows with compensation by model checking
Máté Kovács, Dániel Varró and László Gönczy

Network Attacks and Defense Systems
Wanlei Zhou, Yang Xiang and Minyi Guo

Vol 23 No 3 May 2008

A secure mutual authentication scheme with key agreement using smart card from bilinear pairings
Duc-Liem Vo and Kwangjo Kim

A hybrid model against TCP SYN and reflection DDoS attacks
Udaya Kiran Tupakula and Vijay Varadharajan

A cross-authentication model and implementation
Zhongwen Li, Qiong Chen and Yang Xiang

Variable-length signatures for intrusion detection
Zhuowei Li, Amitabha Das, Jianying Zhou and Jagdish C Patra

Request-driven role mapping framework for secure interoperation in multi-domain environments
Ruixuan Li, Zhuo Tang, Zhengding Lu and Jinwei Hu

Anomaly detection for web server based on smooth support vector machine
Shi-Jinn Horng, Pingzhi Fan, Ming-Yang Su, Yuan-Hsin Chen, Cheng-Ling Lee and Shao-Wei Lan

EV-C2C-PAKE: An improved client-to-client password-authenticated key exchange protocol
Zhu Hongfeng, Liu Tianhua and Liu Jie

Data Management in Grid and P2P Systems

Vol 23 No 2 March 2008

Abdelkader Hameurlain

PARIS: A peer-to-peer architecture for large-scale semantic data sharing
C Comito, S Patarin and D Talia

Answering XPath queries with search predicates in structured P2P networks
W He and L Fegaras

PWSMS: A Peer-to-peer web service management system for data sharing in collaborative environments
M Barhamgi, D Benslimane and A M Ouksel

Integrating and querying astronomical data on the e-GrOV data grid
G Vargas-Solar, J-L Zechinelli-Martini and V Cuevas-Vicenttín

Priority based list scheduling for sabotage-tolerance with deadline tasks in desktop grids
H-S Kim, C-S Hwang, S-K Lee, S-J Choi and J-M Gil

 TrustBus 2006

Vol 22 No 5 September 2007

Simone Fischer-Hübner, Steven Furnell and Costas Lambrinoudakis

Building the information assurance community of purpose
Jeremy Ward

Towards a person-centric identity management infrastructure (IMI)
V. Poursalidis and C. Nikolaou

On the effects of authentication and authorisation infrastructures on e-commerce activities
Christian Schläger and Thomas Nowey

Cluster-based analysis and recommendation of sellers in online auctions
Mikolaj Morzy

A framework for modelling restricted delegation of rights in the SECTET
Muhammad Alam, Michael Hafner, Ruth Breu and Stefan Untherthiner

An MDA appproach to develop secure business processes through a UML 2.0 extension
Alfonso Rodríguez, Eduardo Fernández-Medina and Mario Piattini

Real time software architecture

Vol 22 No 3 May 2007

Doohyun Kim and Arif Ghafoor

Design and implementation of a high performance architecture for providing digital time stamping services to mobile devices
A Cilardo, D Cotroneo, C di Flora, A Mazzeo, L Romano and S Russo

A cluster-based TMO-structured scalable approach for location information systems
Y Nah, K H (Kane) Kim, T Wang and M H Kim

Parallel transmission model for real-time multi-source streaming of multimedia data in scalable networks
S Itaya and M Takizawa

Time-triggered and message-triggered object framework and global time-based synchronization for real-time multimedia streaming
M H Kim, E H Jo, D-J Kim and J-G Kim

A dynamically reconfigurable Voice User Interace (VUI) framework and platform
A Talevski, E Chang and T S Dillon

Software infrastructures for building ubiquitous computing environments
T Nakajima, E Tokunaga, H Ishikawa, D Ueno, K Fujinami, M Sugaya and S Oikawa

A QoS framework for multimedia applications in mobile ad hoc networks
W Sheikh, B Shafiq, S Baqai, R A Paul, M F Khan and H Ghafoor

Hippocratic XML databases: a model and an access control mechanism

Vol 21 No 6 November 2006

Jae-Gil Lee, Kyu-Young Whang, Wook-Shin Han and Il-Yeol Song

The impact of skewed associativity on the replacement traffic in COMA multiprocessors
Behrouz Zolfaghari and Mohsen Sharifi

Generic parallel implementations for Tabu search
Maria J Blesa, Jordi Petit and Fatos Xhafa

Web Service Security

Vol 21 No 5 September 2006

Applying hierarchical and role-based access control to XML documents
Jason Crampton

A semantics based approach to privacy languages
N Li, T Yu and A Antón

A logical formalization of secure XML database
Alban Gabillon

uSMIL: Towards secure unbreakable semantics in multimedia web services
N Kodali, C Farkas and D Wijesekera

Trust but verify: Authorization for web services
C Skalka and X Sean Wang

Engineering Design and Composition of Service-oriented Applications

Vol 21 No 4 July 2006

Guest editorial J-Y Chung, G Feuerlicht, W Lamersdorf and C Zirpins

An ontology for quality-aware service discovery
S Bleul, T Weise and K Geihs

Adaptive service-oriented systems: an organisational approach
A Colman and J Han

A genetiv programming approach to support the design of service compositions
L Aversano, M di Penta and K Taneja

Service discovery through consensus based preferences
C-L Huang, K-M Chao, C-C Lo, P Wang and J-Y Chung

Service design principles: a case study in modeling services for the securities trading domain
A Erradi, N Kulkarni and S Anand

Method for detecting functional feature of interactions of web services
M Weiss, A Oreshkin and B Esfandiari

Reliable service composition by adopting assumptions
Z Lu, S Li, P Hyland and A. Ghose

Using graph grammars for interaction style description: applications for service-oriented architectures
K Guennoun and K Drira

Software Engineering for Multi-Agent Systems

Vol 21 No 2 March 2006

Guest editors: Alessandro Garcia and Carlos Lucena

Integrating social modelling and agent interaction through goal-oriented analysis
Iyad Rahwan, Thomas Juan and Leon Sterling

A methodology for the development of multi-agent systems using the JADE platform
Magid Nikraz, Giovanni Caire and Parisa A Bahri

A methodological framework for ontology centric oriented software engineering
Quynh-Nhu Numi Tran, Graham Low and Ghassan Beydoun

Agile PASSI: An agile process for designing agents
Antonio Chella, Massimo Cossentino, Luca Sabatucci and Valeria Seidita

Agent-oriented architecture for monitoring and diagnosis in supervisory systems
Fabiano K T Tiba and Miriam A M Capretz

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