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Vol 18 2003

Volume 18 No 1 January 2003

Service description model and toolkit for ubiquitous computing
X-X Chen, M Minami, H Morikawa and T Aoyama

Scalability implications of software-implemented coherence
A Moga and M Dubois

Formal verification logic for hybrid secutity protocols
T Newe and T Coffey

Secure SOAP-based web services
K Komathy, P Vivekanandan and V Ramachandran

Fault-tolerant routing for pyramid networks using the least level minimal routing method
D-R Chen and C-C Hsu

Schemata transformation of object-oriented conceptual models to XML
L Feng, E Chang and T S Dillon

Volume 18 No 2 March 2003

Fairness in DQDB revisited: a new solution
K Maly, S Olariu, L Zhang and N Rao

QoS routing in data networking using genetic algorithms: a new two-level approach
H Juidette, N Idboufker and A Berraissoul

Analysis of fault-tolerant routing algorithms in k-ary n-cube networks
J Al-Sadi, K Day and M Ould-Khaoua

Pre-emptive but safe interval caching for real-time multimedia systems
K Lee, Y Y Park and H Y Yeom

Development of a high-performance index manager in a main memory DBMS
S-W Kim

An adaptive reservation protocol with a pre-emptive priority mechanism for wireless ATM LANs
H C B Chan, H Chen and J Zhang

Volume 18 No 3 May 2003

A scalable, efficient and general Monte Carlo scheme for generating synthetic web request streams
S Sarangi, P N Sireesh and S P Pal

Performance of communication-induced checkpointing algorithms
D Manivannan and C Zhang

Extension of activity diagrams for flexible business workflow modeling
E Guntama, E Chang, N Jayaratna and L Pudhota

Integrating software agents with multi-level metadata in support of heterogeneous product search
D-R Liu and S-C Pan

Fast and efficient allocation for mesh systems
L-C Chen, D-R Chen, C-C Hsu and H-R Lin

The yielding-first rate-monotonic scheduling approach and its efficiency assessment
M Naghibzadeh and K H (Kane) Kim

Volume 18 No 4 July 2003

Performance analysis of hypercube networks under LRD traffic
G Min and M Ould-Khaoua

Multi-agent technologies for computer network security: attack simulation, intrusion detection and intrusion
detection learning
V Gorodetski, I Kotenko and O Karsaev

Optimal scheduling of loops with dependence cycles on parallel platforms
J L Aguilar and E L Leiss

A framework of scalar quantization multiwavelet transform for very low bit rate video coding
J Chen, J Zhou, S Yu, J Zheng, C Zhang and L Zhong

Heuristic algorithm based on a genetic algorithm for mapping parallel programs on hypercube multiprocessors
J Aguilar

Volume 18 No 5 September 2003

Special Issue: Trends in XML Technology fo rthe Global Information Infrastructure
E Chang, E Damiani and L Feng

Automata Match: a new XML query processing approach
J X Yu, G Wang, H Lu, G Yu, J Lv and B Sun

XQuery rewriting at the relational algebra level
H Zhang and F Tompa

XML as a means to support information extraction from legal documents
M M Martínez, P de la Fuente and J-C Derniame

Applying XML technology for implementation of natural language specifications
B-S Lee and B R Bryant

Leveraging hypermedia engineering for multi-channel access with the use of XML
D G Synodinos and P Avgeriou

XML and secure data management in an ambient world
W Jonker

Volume 18 No 6 November 2003

A bus-type software model based on CORBA and XML
L Zhenhua

Optimizing the ready queue structure for dynamic scheduling strategies in real-time operating systems
M Sharifi and B Zolfaghari

Communication cost of k-coteries
P C Saxena and J Rai

Messaging in distributed systems
S Goel, H Sharda and D Taniar

Formal semantics analysis for VHDL RTL synthesis
H Zhou, W Cao and Z Lin

An effective link arrangement scheme for distributed systems using Markov-chain based reliability analysis
J-L Wang

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