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Vol 19 2004

Volume 19 No 1 January 2004

Service description model and toolkit for ubiquitous computing
X-X Chen, M Minami, H Morikawa and T Aoyama

Scalability implications of software-implemented coherence
A Moga and M Dubois

Formal verification logic for hybrid secutity protocols
T Newe and T Coffey

Secure SOAP-based web services
K Komathy, P Vivekanandan and V Ramachandran

Fault-tolerant routing for pyramid networks using the least level minimal routing method
D-R Chen and C-C Hsu

Schemata transformation of object-oriented conceptual models to XML
L Feng, E Chang and T S Dillon

Volume 19 No 2 March 2004

Classification of trust in Peer-to-Peer (P2P) communication
F K Hussain, E Chang and T S Dillon

Ad hoc routing protocol based on setup on-demand backup node
Y-H Wang, C M Chung, C-J Lee and C-C Chuang

HBP: an optimization technique to shorten the control cycle time of the Neural Network Controller that provides dynamic buffer tuning to eliminate overflow at user level
W W K Lin, A K Y Wong and T S Dillon

Parallel algorithms for selection query processing involving index in parallel database systems
D Taniar, J W Rahayu and R Boon-Noi Tan

Volume 19 No 3 May 2004

Special issue: Semantics-Aware Techniques for Security
Ernesto Damiani

Semantics-aware techniques for security
E Damiani

Extracting role hierarchies from authentication data flows
P Ceravolo

Specifying multimedia access control using RDF
N Kodali, C Farkas and D Wijesekera

A comparison of modeling strategies in defining XML-based access control languages
C Ardagna and S De capitani di Vimercati

AdOrBAC: an administration model for Or-BAC
C F Cupens and A Miége

Preparations for encrypted XML metadata querying
L Feng and W Jonker

Trustworthiness and CCCI metrics in P2P communication
F K Hussain, E Chang and T S Dillon

The formation of software agreements between autonomous agents
G Hogben

Trustable B2C markets on the semantic web
R Tolksdorf, C Bizer, R Eckstein and R Heese

Volume 19 No 4 July 2004

Minimal cost heuristic algorithm for delay constrained loop network
Yong-Jin Lee

A framework for fault-tolerant peer-to-peer streaming service based on the service migration
Sooyong Kang, Hyunjoo Kim and Heon Y Yeom

A generic model for an application based intrusion prevention detection system
Sheila Anand and V Ramachandran

Evaluating SOAP for high performance applications in capital markets
Christopher Kohlhoff and Robert Steele

A simulated annealing algorithm for finding minimal wavelength on a WDM ring
Der-Rong Din

Concurrency control in main-memory DBMS
Sang-Wook Kim

Volume 19 No 5 September 2004

Parallel query optimization methods and approaches: a survey
Abdelkader Hameurlain and Franck Morvan

A QoS-aware routing scheme for mobile ad hoc networks
Dmitri D Perkins, Jinping Yang, Herman Hughes and Charles Owen

Toward a more generic design of XML benchmark workload
Jia-Kang Seng and Jing Yu

Design and implementation of a consistent time service for fault-tolerant distributed systems
W Zhao, L E Moser and P M Melliar-Smith

Volume 19 No 6 November 2004

Proxy placement problem for coordinated en-route transcoding proxy caching
Keqiu Li and Hong Shen

The use of hints in object-relational query optimization
David Taniar, Hui Yee Khaw, Haorianto Cokrowijoyo and Johanna Wenny Rahayu

Predicting performance in the presence of stochastic information
Natalia López, Manuel Núñez and Fernando Rubio

Transformation-based spatial partition join
Min-Jae Lee, Wook-Shih Han and Kyu-Young Whang

RDCT: A novel reconfigurable dynamic cache size tuner to shorten information retrieval time over the Internet
Richard S L Wu, Allan K Y Wong and Tharam S Dillon

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