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Vol 20 2005

Volume 20 No 1 January 2005

Special issue: Automated Tools for Requirements Engineering
Didar Zowghi and Vincenzo Gervasi

Applicatiuons of tool support for risk-informed requirements reasoning
Martin S Feather, Steven L Cornford, Kenneth A Hicks and Kenneth R Johnson

Tools for constructing requirements specifications: the SCR Toolset at the age of nine
C Heitmeyer, M Archer, R Bharadwaj and R Jeffords

An application of natural language processing to domain modelling: two case studies
Leonid Kof

An automatic tool for the analysis of natural language requirements
Stefania Gnesi, Giuseppe Lami and Gianluca Trentanni

Early requirements validation with 3D worlds
Alfredo Raúl Teyseyre and Marcelo Campo

Volume 20 No 2 March 2005

Special issue: Mobile databases
Abdelkader Hameurlain

Research on location-dependent queries in mobile databases
Agustinus Borgy Waluyo, Bala Srinivasan and David Taniar

User-centric data querying for location-based services
Artem Katasonov

Closest pair queries in spatio-temporal databases
Chin-Wan Chung, Sunghee Choi and Yong-Jin Choi

Mobilaction: a mobile transaction framework supporting spatial replication and spatial consistency
Vijay Kumar, Margaret H Dunham and Nitin Prabhu

An adaptable mobile transaction system
Patricia Serrano-Alvarado, Claudia Roncancio, Michel Adiba and Cyril Labbé

Tamper-resistent ubiquitous data management
Luc Bouganim, François Dang Ngoc and Philippe Pucharel

Volume 20 No 3 May 2005

Query optimization mobile agents versus accuracy of the cost estimation
Belgin Ozakar, Franck Morvan and Abdelkader Hameurlain

An efficient data broadcasting scheduler for energy-constraint broadcast servers
Jen-Jou Hung and André Seifert

Casual virtual private network
Rodrigo Roman, Javier Lopez and Jianying Zhou

Ambient dependability: a grand challenge
Luca Simoncini

Options for periodic data production management
Anja Schanzenberger and Dave R Lawrence

Book reviews

Volume 20 No 4 July 2005

Special issue: Multi-agent Systems

Multi-agent systems
Rainer Unland and J Denzinger

Norms in multiagent systems: from theory to practice
Javier Vázquez-Salceda, Huib Aldewereld and Frank Dignum

Towards and approach for debugging multi-agent systems through the analysis of agent messages
Juan A Botía, Juan M Hernansáez and Antonio G Skarmeta

Determining and verifying good policies for cloned teleo-reactive agents
Krysia Broda and Christopher John Hogger

An integrated approach for the development and validation of multi-agent systems
Giancarlo Fortino, Alfredo Garro and Wilma Russo

A model driven component-based development framework for agents
Gaya Buddhinath Jayatilleke, Lin Padgham and Michael Winikoff

A distributed control infrastructure to improve the survivability of multi-agent systems
Karl Kleinmann and John Zinky

An agent-based electronic job marketplace: conceptual foundations and fuzzyMAN prototype
Iouri Loutchko and Frank Teuteberg

Evolution of teams for the asynchronous pursuit domain
Stefan Mandl and Herbert Stoyan

Agent-oriented visual modeling and model validation for engineering distributed systems
Anna Perini and Angelo Susi

Volume 20 No 5 September 2005

Modeling software agents identification and design
Fernando Alonso, Sonia Frutos, Loïc Martínez and Javier Soriano

Spark ­ A generic simulator for physical multi-agent simulations
Oliver Obst and Markus Rollmann

ExPlanTech and ExtraPlanT: multi-agent technology for production planning, simulation and extra-enterprise collaboration
Jirí Hodík, Petr Becvar, Michal Pechoucek, Jirí Vokrínek and Jirí Pospísil

Anonymity and data mining
Maurizio Atzori, Francesco Bonchi, Fosca Giannotti and Dino Pedreschi

Integrity and dissemination control in administrative applications through information designators
Wouter Teepe

Volume 20 No 6 November 2005

Special issue: First International Conference on Trust and Privacy in Digital Business
S K Katsikas, J Lopez and G Pernul

Trust, privacy and security in digital business
Sokratis K Katsikas, Javier Lopez and Günther Pernul

Role-based privilege and trust management
Dongwan Shin and Gail-Joon Ahn

Time dependent trust structures
Barbara Sprick and Sandra Wortmann

Design and evaluation of a trust-aware naming service
Nicola Mezzetti

An automatic computing approach to developing secure, trusted and auditable services for e-business
Ahmed Patel

An open middleware for smart cards
Tommaso Cucinotta, Marco Di Natale and David Corcoran

Handling privacy obligations in enterprises: important aspects and technical approaches
Marco Casassa Mont

Two models of efficient Mixnet-based receipt-free voting using (threshold) re-encryption
R Aditya, B Lee, C Boyd and E Dawson

Index to Volume 20, 2005

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