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Vol 21 2006

Vol 21 No 1 January 2006

Special issue: Privacy Data Management
Tharam Dillon and Mukesh Mohania

Privacy contracts incorporated in a privacy protection framework
Hendrick J G Oberholzer and Martin S Olivier

A methodology for risk measurement in e-transactions
Omar Khadeer Hussain, Elizabeth Chang, Farookh Khadeer Hussain and Tharam S Dillon

A system for controlled outsourcing of personal data
B Carminati and E Ferraru

Experimental analysis of a privacy-preserving scalar product protocol
Zhiqiang Yang, Rebecca N Wright and Hiranmayee Subramaniam

A practical solution to supporting oblivious basic operations on dynamic outsourced search trees
Dang Tran Khanh

Schema-aware labelling of XML documents for efficient query and update processing in SemCrypt
Katharina Grün, Michael Karlinger and Michael Schrefl

Volume 21 No 2 March 2006

Special issue: Software Engineering for Multi-Agent Systems
Guest editors: Alessandro Garcia and Carlos Lucena

Integrating social modelling and agent interaction through goal-oriented analysis
Iyad Rahwan, Thomas Juan and Leon Sterling

A methodology for the development of multi-agent systems using the JADE platform
Magid Nikraz, Giovanni Caire and Parisa A Bahri

A methodological framework for ontology centric oriented software engineering
Quynh-Nhu Numi Tran, Graham Low and Ghassan Beydoun

Agile PASSI: An agile process for designing agents
Antonio Chella, Massimo Cossentino, Luca Sabatucci and Valeria Seidita

Agent-oriented architecture for monitoring and diagnosis in supervisory systems
Fabiano K T Tiba and Miriam A M Capretz

Volume 21 No 3 May 2006

Optimal buffering requirement analysis for jitter-free variable bit rate video streaming
K K Thyagharajan and V Ramachandran

Anticipatory disk arm placement to reduce seek time
Alexander Thomasian and Gang Fu

Agents with limited modeling abilities: Implications on collaborative problem solving
Christian Guttmann and Ingrid Zukerman

Coupling GIS and multi-agent simulation ­ towards infrastructure for realistic simulation
Franziska Klügl, Rainer Herrler and Gustavo Kuhn Andriotti

Petri-net model and minimum cycle time for updating a moving objects database
T Murata, J Yim, H Yin and O Wolfson

Privacy and security shield for health information systems (e-health)
Mihaela Ulieru and Dan Ionescu

Volume 21 No 4 July 2006

Special issue: Engineering design and composition of service-oriented applications
J-Y Chung, G Feuerlicht, W Lamersdorf and C Zirpins

An ontology for quality-aware service discovery
S Bleul, T Weise and K Geihs

Adaptive service-oriented systems: an organisational approach
A Colman and J Han

A genetiv programming approach to support the design of service compositions
L Aversano, M di Penta and K Taneja

Service discovery through consensus based preferences
C-L Huang, K-M Chao, C-C Lo, P Wang and J-Y Chung

Service design principles: a case study in modeling services for the securities trading domain
A Erradi, N Kulkarni and S Anand

Method for detecting functional feature of interactions of web services
M Weiss, A Oreshkin and B Esfandiari

Reliable service composition by adopting assumptions
Z Lu, S Li, P Hyland and A. Ghose

Using graph grammars for interaction style description: applications for service-oriented architectures
K Guennoun and K Drira

Volume 21 No 5 September 2006

Special issue: Web service security
Ernesto Damiani, Gabriele Gianini and Hiroshi Maruyama

Applying hierarchical and role-based access control to XML documents
Jason Crampton

A semantics based approach to privacy languages
N Li, T Yu and A Antón

A logical formalization of secure XML database
Alban Gabillon

uSMIL: Towards secure unbreakable semantics in multimedia web services
N Kodali, C Farkas and D Wijesekera

Trust but verify: Authorization for web services
C Skalka and X Sean Wang

Volume 21 No 6 November 2006

Special issue: Hippocratic XML databases: a model and an access control mechanism
Jae-Gil Lee, Kyu-Young Whang, Wook-Shin Han and Il-Yeol Song

The impact of skewed associativity on the replacement traffic in COMA multiprocessors
Behrouz Zolfaghari and Mohsen Sharifi

Generic parallel implementations for Tabu search
Maria J Blesa, Jordi Petit and Fatos Xhafa

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