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Vol 22 2007

Volume 22 Nos 1-2 January-March 2007

Throughput and delay analysis of interrupt-driven kernels under Poisson and bursty traffic
K Salah and K Elbadawi

A framework for automated image annotation
L Wang, L Khan and B Thuraisingham

Integer factorization for RSA cryptosystem under a PVM environment
C-L Wu, D-C Lou and S-Y Chen

SBASS: Segment based approach for subsequence searches in sequence databases
S Park, S-W Kim and W W Chu

An efficient cache replacement algorithm for multimedia object caching
K Li, T Nanya, H Shen, F Chin and W Zhang

SDITPM: A novel transfer policy model to facilitate object mobility that shortens service roundtrip time by load balancing over the internet
Jason C T Lo, ASllan K Y Wong and Wilfred W K Lin

Solving approximate similarity queries
Tran Khanh Dang

Automatic construction of a decision tree for the analysis of traffic load in computer networks
John G Vlachogiannis

Volume 22 No 3 May 2007

Special issue
Real time software architecture
Doohyun Kim and Arif Ghafoor

Design and implementation of a high performance architecture for providing digital time stamping services to mobile devices
A Cilardo, D Cotroneo, C di Flora, A Mazzeo, L Romano and S Russo

A cluster-based TMO-structured scalable approach for location information systems
Y Nah, K H (Kane) Kim, T Wang and M H Kim

Parallel transmission model for real-time multi-source streaming of multimedia data in scalable networks
S Itaya and M Takizawa

Time-triggered and message-triggered object framework and global time-based synchronization for real-time multimedia streaming
M H Kim, E H Jo, D-J Kim and J-G Kim

A dynamically reconfigurable Voice User Interace (VUI) framework
and platform
A Talevski, E Chang and T S Dillon

Software infrastructures for building ubiquitous computing environments
T Nakajima, E Tokunaga, H Ishikawa, D Ueno, K Fujinami, M Sugaya and S Oikawa

A QoS framework for multimedia applications in mobile ad hoc networks
W Sheikh, B Shafiq, S Baqai, R A Paul, M F Khan and H Ghafoor

Volume 22 No 4 July 2007

Model checking bidding behaviors in internet concurrent auctions
Haiping Xu and Yi-Tsung Cheng

Obligation nets: a rigorous object-oriented technique for modeling the behavioural semantics of information systems
Kinh Nguyen and Tharam Dillon

A genetic algorithm with fuzzy selection and local search for multicast routing problem on the QoS constraint
Rung-Ching Chen and Cheun-Chieh Liao

InOrder: enhancing Google via stigmergic query refinement
Garrett Camp and Mihaela Ulieru

Volume 22 No 5 September 2007

Special issue: TrustBus 2006
Simone Fischer-Hübner, Steven Furnell and Costas Lambrinoudakis

Building the information assurance community of purpose
Jeremy Ward

Towards a person-centric identity management infrastructure (IMI)
V. Poursalidis and C. Nikolaou

On the effects of authentication and authorisation infrastructures on e-commerce activities
Christian Schläger and Thomas Nowey

Cluster-based analysis and recommendation of sellers in online auctions
Mikolaj Morzy

A framework for modelling restricted delegation of rights in the SECTET
Muhammad Alam, Michael Hafner, Ruth Breu and Stefan Untherthiner

An MDA appproach to develop secure business processes through a UML 2.0 extension
Alfonso Rodríguez, Eduardo Fernández-Medina and Mario Piattini

Volume 22 No 6 November 2007

A traffic-based routing algorithm by using mobile agents
Wenyu Qu, Masaru Kitsuregawa, Hai Zhuge, Hong Shen and Yinwei Jin

Modeling and verification of distributed real-time systems using periodic finite state machines
R. Obermaisser, C. El-Salloum, B. Huber and H. Kopetz

A formal method for synthesising components of shared resource systems
K. S. Cheung

Behavior description for complex flexible manufacturing system based on decomposition of petri net
Qingtian Zeng and Hua Duan

n-Gram/2L-approximation: a two-level n-gram inverted index structure for approximate string matching
Min-Soo Kim, Kyu-Young Whang and Jae-Gil Lee

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