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Vol 23 2008

Vol 23 No 1 January 2008

Pairing-based public-key encryption schemes with backward-and-forward security
Song Han, Elizabeth Chang and Tharam Dillon

Adaptive two-stage QoS provisioning schemes for CDMA networks
Jin-Long Wang and Chen-Hsing Chen

Onto-agent methodology for design of ontology-based multi-agent systems
Maja Hadzic and Elizabeth Chang

Subsequence matching under time warping in time-series databases: observation, optimization, and performance results
Sang-Wook Kim and Miyoung Shin

An improved C-means clustering algorithm
Dechang Pi, Chuhua Xian and Xiaolin Qin

Vol 23 No 2 March 2008

Special Issue: Data Management in Grid and P2P Systems

Abdelkader Hameurlain

PARIS: A peer-to-peer architecture for large-scale semantic data sharing
C Comito, S Patarin and D Talia

Answering XPath queries with search predicates in structured P2P networks
W He and L Fegaras

PWSMS: A Peer-to-peer web service management system for data sharing in collaborative environments
M Barhamgi, D Benslimane and A M Ouksel

Integrating and querying astronomical data on the e-GrOV data grid
G Vargas-Solar, J-L Zechinelli-Martini and V Cuevas-Vicenttín

Priority based list scheduling for sabotage-tolerance with deadline tasks in desktop grids
H-S Kim, C-S Hwang, S-K Lee, S-J Choi and J-M Gil

Vol 23 No 3 May 2008

Special Issue: Network Attacks and Defense Systems
Wanlei Zhou, Yang Xiang and Minyi Guo

A secure mutual authentication scheme with key agreement using smart card from bilinear pairings
Duc-Liem Vo and Kwangjo Kim

A hybrid model against TCP SYN and reflection DDoS attacks
Udaya Kiran Tupakula and Vijay Varadharajan

A cross-authentication model and implementation
Zhongwen Li, Qiong Chen and Yang Xiang

Variable-length signatures for intrusion detection
Zhuowei Li, Amitabha Das, Jianying Zhou and Jagdish C Patra

Request-driven role mapping framework for secure interoperation in multi-domain environments
Ruixuan Li, Zhuo Tang, Zhengding Lu and Jinwei Hu

Anomaly detection for web server based on smooth support vector machine
Shi-Jinn Horng, Pingzhi Fan, Ming-Yang Su, Yuan-Hsin Chen, Cheng-Ling Lee and Shao-Wei Lan

EV-C2C-PAKE: An improved client-to-client password-authenticated key exchange protocol
Zhu Hongfeng, Liu Tianhua and Liu Jie

Improving the security of a secure anonymous routing protocol with authenticated key exchange for ad hoc networks
Chua-Ta Li, Min-Shiang Hwang and Yen-Ping Chu

Vol 23 No 4 July 2008

Real-coded genetic algorithm applied to optimal placement of capacitor banks for unbalanced distribution systems with meshed/ radial configurations
R Hooshmand and M Ataei

State of the art of data mining of tree structured information
Henry Tan, Fedja Hadzic, Tharam S Dillon and Elizabeth Chang

Interaction cases: generalized use cases in ambient systems
Bent Bruun Kristensen

Adaptive selection of tuples over data streams for efficient load shedding
Joong Hyuk Chang

Modeling and verification of distributed real-time systems using periodic finite state machines
R Obermaisser, C El-Salloum, B Huber and H Kopetz

Pairing-based public-key encryption schemes with backward-and-forward security
Song Han, Elizabeth Chang and Tharam Dillon

Vol 23 No 5 September 2008

Special issue: Engineering Fault Tolerant Systems
Nicolas Guelfi, Henry Muccini, Patrizio Pelliccione and Alexander Romanovsky

On the development of standards based carrier grade platforms
Francis Tam

Model driven development of railway systems using diversity
Michele Banci, Stefania Gnesi, Alessandro Fantechi and Giovanni Lombardi

Deploying fault tolerant web service compositions
Nuno Laranjeiro and Marco Vieira

Formal analysis of BPEL workflows with compensation by model checking
Máté Kovács, Dániel Varró and László Gönczy

Vol 23 No 5 November 2008

Cryptanalysis of elliptic curve cryptosystem on smart card access control with threshold scheme
Chien-Lung Hsu

Eight key issues for an effective reuse-based requirements process
Ambrosio Toval, Begoña Moros, Joaquín Nicolás and Joaquín Lasheras

Optimal capacitor allocation in distribution systems using genetic algorithm
S P Singh, C Kistanna and A R Rao

Restricted independent domination problems on graphs
William Chung-Kung Yen

On the characteristics of information dissemination paths in vehicular ad hoc networks on the move
S Y Wang and C L Chou

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