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Vol 24 2009

Vol 24 No 1 January 2009

Special issue

Automated control systems for the safety integrity levels 3 and 4
Wolfgang A Halang

Hybrid approaches for derivation of tight service time bounds of distributed emdedded computing systems
K H (Kane) Kim and Chansik Im

Object and process migration in .NET
Peter Tröger and Andreas Polze

Achieving high reliable and timely task execution in mobile embedded applications
Stefan Schemmer and Edgar Nett

Vol 24 No 2 March 2009

A compact feature representation and feature re-weighting in content-based image retrieval
Gita Das and Sid Ray

Modified quad tree network with architectural analysis (M_QUAD)
Sandeep Kumar, P K Bansal and Seema Bawa

Design and implementation of a secure social network system
Ryan Layfield, Bhavani Thuraisingham, Laatifur Khan and Murat Kantarcioglu

A multiagents system for planning and management of the production factors
José Aguilar, Jorge Chacal and César Bravo

Analytic effectiveness evaluation of techniques for natural language sotware requirements testability
Giuseppe Lami

Efficient stream subsequence matching algorithms for handheld devices on streaming time-series data
Yang-Sae Moon and Woong-Kee Loh

Vol 24 No 3 May 2009

Special issue: Network and Parallel Computing
Kequi Li, Yanming Shen and Minyi Guo

An instruction folding solution for a Java processor
Tan Yiyu, Yau Chihang, Anthony S Fong and Yang Xiaojian

Restoration design in IP over reconfigurable WDM networks
Angela L Chiu, Gagan Choudhury, Robert Doverspike and Guangzhi Li

Propagation of active worms: A survey
Yang Xiang, Xiang Fan and Wen Tao Zhu

A novel data transmission scheme for mobile sensor network
Liu Weidong, Lin Chuang and Wang Jirong

An optimal lifetime-adaptive method for wireless sensor networks
Wenyu Qu, Masaru Kitsuregawa, Yanming Shen and Takashi Nanya

Approximation algorithms for inner-node weighted minimum
spanning trees
Chao Peng, Yasuo Tan, Naixue Xiong, Laurence T Yang and Hong Zhu

A context quality management infrastructure for complex ubiquitous environment
Siliang Tang, Jianhua Yang and Zhaohui Wu

On the design of P2P video streaming with layered coding
Yanming Shen and Kequi Li

Vol 24 No 4 July 2009

A novel approach to achieve real-time TCM (traditional Chinese medecine) telemedicine through the use of ontology and clinical intelligence discovery
Jackei H K Wong, Allan K Y Wong, Tharam Dillon and Wilfred W K Lin

Matchmaking framework for visualization web services
Gao Shu and Dingfang Chen

A SIM-based electronic transaction authentication system
Manzur Ashraf, Syed Mahfuzul Aziz, M Lutful Kabir and Biswajit K Dey

Low power TLB structure by using dynamic searching algorithm
Jung-Hoon Lee

Efficient stream subsequence matching algorithms for handheld devices on streaming time-series data
Yang-Sae Moon and Woong-Kee Loh

Vol 24 No 5 September 2009

Special issue: Advanced Topics on Grid, Cluster and P2P Computing
Keqin Li and Geyong Min

Performance analysis and tuning for clusters with ccNUMA nodes for scientific coputing – a case study
Abdullah Kayi, Edward Kornkven, Tarek El-Ghazawi, Samy Al-Bazhra and Gregory B Newby

Exploiting object structure in hardware transactional memory
Behram Khan, Matthew Horsnell, Ian Rogers, Mikel Luján, Andrew Dinn and Ian Watson

Improving the capability of the SLA workflow broker with parallel processing technology
Dang Ming Quan, Jörn Altmann and Laurence T Yang

A parallel information retrieval method for e-commerce
Wenyu Qu, Wanlei Zhou and Masaru Kitsuregawa

A parallel shortest path algorithm based on graph-partitioning and iterative correcting
Yuxin Tang, Yunquan Zhang and Hu Chen

A secure and scalable video conference system based on peer-assisted content delivery networks
Hao Yin, ChangLai Du, Chao Ren, Zhijia Chen, Heyong Min
and Chuang Lin

Adjacency cache: an efficient P2P web cache indexing and lookup system
John Casey and Wanlei Zhou

Vol 24 No 6 November 2009

Facial feature extraction in frontal views using activeshape models
A Chatterjee, M Goel, N Raghuvanshi, P Gupta and S G Dhande

Discrere time modelling in software reliability engineering—a unified approach
Omar Shatnawi

Scalable text classification as a tool for personalization
Ioannis Antonellis, Christos Bouras and Vassilis Poulopoulos

The modified alternating fractal renewal process for modelling peer to peer traffic
Kiarash Mizanian, Mehdi Vasef and Morteza Analoui

Approach on complex neural-genetic algorithm modeling for isomorphism identification in conceptual design of mechanism
Yang Ping and Liao Ningbo

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