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Vol 26 2011

Vol 26 No 1 January 2011

A mobile agent-based routing algorithm and some theoretical analysis
Baoshu Xu, Wenyu Qu and Wanlei Zhou

A cache coherence protocol for distributed memory platforms
Rodolfo Sumoza and Jose Aguilar Castro

A structural view definition for RDF data
Eun-Sun Cho and Manpyo Hong

In-car speech enhancement based on ensemble empirical mode decomposition
Xiangxian Chen, Hai Huang and Jiafang Zhang

Designing attacks for SMTP servers
Ercan Bulus

New approach towards event monitoring through IP surveillance technology using 4G mobile devices
Prashant M Dolia and Ashwin R Dobariya

Evaluating the effectiveness of VSM model and topic segmentation in retrieving arabic documents
Fouzi Harrag, Aboubekeur Hamdi-Cherif, Abdul Malik S Al-Salman and Eyas El-Qawasmeh

Vol 26 No 2 March 2011

Enhancing Levenshtein distance algorithm for assessing behavioral trust
Danielle Costa, Luci Pirmez, Luiz F R C Carmo and Luiz F H Bacellar

Characterisation of web spambots using self organising maps
Pedram Hayati, Vidyasagar Potdar, Alex Talevski and Kevin Chai

Increasing generalization accuracy by using multivariate statistical method
Ali Mirza Mahmood and Mrithyumjaya Rao Kuppa

Modeling service interaction patterns
Gang Xue, Tony Chen, Gang He and Shaowen Yao

Categorizing received email to improve delivery
Eyas El-Qawasmeh

The significance of user-defined identifiers in Java source code authorship identification
Georgia Frantzeskou, Stephen G MacDonell, Efstathios Stamatatos, Stelios Georgiou and Stefanos Gritzalis

Automatic keyword extraction from documents based on multiple content-based measures
Kun Yue, Wei-Yi Liu and Li-Ping Zhou

Vol 26 No 3 May 2011

Special issue - Research in e-science: current status and future direction
Guest Editors: Yi Sun, Lizhe Wang, Wei Jie and ChengFu

Incremental building association link network
Zheng Xu, Xiangfeng Luo and Lizhe Wang

Auto-scaled ISL tracking for region based control infrastructure and applications in video surveillance
Peng Zhang, Sabu Emmanuel, Yanning Zhang and Cheng Fu

Energy-efficient beaconless real-time routing protocol for wireless sensor networks
Guoli Wang and Chao Huang

Dynamic fuzzy neural network for the intelligent control of a humanoid robot
Zhe Tang, Meng Joo Er and Fang Qi

A grid infrastructure for hybrid simulations
Dan Chen, Lizhe Wang, Congcong Bian and Xuguang Zhang

A feature-based detection and tracking system for gaze and smiling behaviours
Jungying Chen, Dan Chen and Oliver Lemon

Metamodel-driven SOA for collaborative e-science application
Tianyi Zang, Radu Calinescu and Marta Kwiatkowska

Vol 26 No 4 July 2011

Fast k-NN search using pre-computed l-NN sets
Sanghyun Yoo, Ki Yong Lee and Myoung Ho Kim

Evaluation of XPath queries with preducates: an Eulerian cycle theory based sequencing approach
Yun Shen and Ling Feng

Assessing usability readiness of collaborative projects
Görkem Çetyn and Mehmet Göktürk

Distributed multidimensional clustering based on spatial correlation in wireless sensor networks
Haengrae Cho

The implementation of the customized, parallel architecture for a fast word-match program
Ernest Jamro, Pawel Russek, Agnieszka Dabrowska-Boruch, Maciej Wielgosz
and Mazimierz Wiatr

Performance analysis of a resource aggregator in a grid of grids environment
D Surendran, T Purusothaman and R A Baclachandar

An approach for model driven testing: framework, metamodels and tools
Helaine Sousa, Denivaldo Lopes, Zair Abdelouahab, Daniela Barreiro Claro and Slimane Hammoudi

Vol 26 No 5 September 2011

Special issue: FCST 2010
Guest Editor: Professor Kequi Li

Affordance of ubiquitous learning through cloud computing
Xin Bai, Michael B Smith and Rathika Rajaravivarma

MT-BTRIMER: A master-slave multi-threaded dynamic binary translator
Xuping Tu, Hai Jin, Zhibin Yu, Jie Chen, Yabin Hu and Xie Xia

DBMISD-D: A distributed algorithm for constructing and maintaining high stability application-layer multicast tree
Jijun Cao, Jinshu Su, Jing Xie and Feng Chen

LimeVI: A platform for virtual cluster live migration over WAN
Xiaohui Wei, Hongliang Li, Qingnan Guo, Na Jiang and Liang Hu

Metadata changes in large file systems: a metadata querying perspective
Likun Liu, Cheng Chen, Yongwei Wu and Guangwen Yang

A novel method for estimating flow length distributions from double-sampled flow statistics
Weijiang Liu, Wenyu Qu, Zhaobin Liu and Kequi Li

HyperMonitor: A lightweight multi-platform monitor based on hardware virtualization
Jing Xiao and Min Zhu

Vol 26 No 6 November 2011

Special Issue: Real-Time Systems
Guest Editor: Yunmook Nah

On the road to real-time OSGi: extending OSGi with an admission control protocol
T. Richardson and A. J. Wellings

OASIS: an architecture for dynamic instrumentation of enterprise distributed real-time and embedded systems
James Hill, Hunt Sutherlandy, Paul Staudingery, Thomas Silveriaz, Douglas C.Schmidtx, John Slabyz and Nikita Visnevskiy

Early, time-approximate modeling of multi-OS linux platforms in a systemC co-simulation environment
H. Posadas, E. Villar, Dominique Ragot and Marcos Martinez

Modeling time-triggered real-time control systems using executable time-triggered model (E-TTM) and systemC-AMS
Jon Perez, Roman Obermaisser, Carlos F. Nicolas and Iban Ayestaran

A MDE-based optimisation process for real-time systems: optimizing systems at the architecture-level using the real DSL and library of transformation and heuristics
Olivier Gilles and Jerome Hugues

Code transformations to prevent timing anomalies
Albrecht Kadlec, Raimund Kirner and Peter Puschner

RTOS support for execution of parallelized hard real-time tasks on the MERASA multi-core processor
Julian Wolf, Mike Gerdes, Florian Kluge, Sascha Uhrig, Jörg Mische, Stefan Metzlaff, Christine Rochange, Hugues Cassé, Pascal Sainrat and Theo Ungerer

A software infrastructure for dependable embedded systems
Hiromasa Shimada, Alexandre Courbot, Yuki Kinebuchi and Tatsuo Nakajima

Model-driven runtime resource predictions for advanced mechatronic systems with dynamic data structures
Stefan Henkler, Simon Oberthür, Holger Giese and Andreas Seibel

Implementing and evaluating the AHS organic middleware
Alexander von Renteln and Uwe Brinkschulte

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