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Vol 28 2013

Volume 28 Number 1 January 2013

Integrated and interactive software solution for knowledge-based supply network design
Nenad Stefanovic and Dusan Stefanovic

Collective Classification for Packed Executable Identification
Xabier Ugarte-Pedrero, Igor Santos, Carlos Laorden, Borja Sanz and Pablo G. Bringas

An Empirical Evaluation for Feature Selection Methods in Phishing Email Classification
Mahmoud Khonji, Andrew Jones and Youssef Iraqi

Comparing commercial IP reputation databases to open-source IP reputation algorithms
Jernej Porenta and Mojca Ciglaric

Volume 28 Number 2 March 2013

B2B magics: a mobile agent-based internet commerce system for B2B e-commerce
Lei Ye and Henry C B Chan

A list of features that a graphical XML query language should support
K Bekiropoulos, E Keramopoulos, O Beza and P Mouratidis

RFID mutual authentication protocols for tags and readers with and without a server
Song Han, Tharam Dillon, Vidy Potdar and Elizabeth Chang

One-dimensional spatial join processing using a DOT-based index structure
Jun-Im Won, Hyun Back, Jee-Hee Yoon, Sanghyun Park and Sang-Wook Kim

Improved storage system performance by disk scheduling
Alexander Thomasian

Volume 28 Number 3 May 2013

Algorithmic bipanpath connectivity of the hypercube
Jywe-Fei Fang and Chien-Hung Huang

Emergency vehicle preemption system based on global positioning system (GPS), A-star (A*) algorithm and FPGA
Mohd Yamani Idna Idris, Moraali Sivalingam, Emran Mohd Tamil, Zaidi Razak and Noorzaily Mohamed Noor

A hypervisor based platform to support real-time safety critical embedded java applications
Apolinar Gonzalez, Walter Mata, Alfons Crespo, Miguel Masmano, José Félix and Alvaro Aburto

A business-to-business e-commerce system using software agents and RFID
Lei Ye, Adam S K Ho, Solomon K S Leung and Henry C B Chan

Priority-based scheduling for dependent processes using random selection of resource holders
Tarek Helmy

A web cluster architectural proposal for balancing storage capacity and reliability
by using partial replication
J Daniel Garcia, Jesus Carretero, Javier Garcia, Luis Miguel Sanchez and Felix Garcia

Volume 28 Number 4 July 2013

An algorithm for merging two classification trees for test case generation
P. Prema, B. Ramadoss and S. R. Balasundaram

Analysis and modeling of multivalued attributes in entity relationship modeling: an approach for improved database design
Vimala S., Khanna Nehemiah H., Saranya G. and Kannan A.

Resource management for mobile operating systems based on the active object model
Marisol García-Valls, Alfons Crespo and Joan Vila

Integration of traffic reduction and sleep scheduling for energy-efficient data gathering in wireless sensor networks
Shinya Kondo, Akimitsu Kanzaki, Takahiro Hara and Shojiro Nishio

An exploratory study of package metrics as change size indicators in evolving
object-oriented software
Mahmoud O. Elish

Term expansion on the categorization of summarized documents
Wen-Feng Hsiao and Te-Min Chang

Volume 28 Number 5 September 2013

Session identification based on linked referrers and web log indexing
ChaoYong Qin and Chenhan Liao

Prosumer recruitment framework for prosumer community groups in smart-grid
A. J. Dinusha Rathnayaka, Vidyasagar M. Potdar, Tharam Dillon, Omar Hussain and Samitha Kuruppu

Discovering semantic associations between web services based on the electrostatic force theory
Kun Yue, Wei-Yi Liu, Wen-Hua Qian and Xiao-Feng Wang

A bi-dimensional QoS model for SOA and real-time middleware
Marisol García-Valls, Pablo Basanta-Val, Marga Marcos and Elisabet Estévez

Application of digital image processing in the determination of mass of the diamonds
R. Anitha and K. Duraiswamy

Enhancing multimedia caching algorothms for variable-bandwidth streams using adaptive and smoothing techniques
Javier Fernández, Alejandro Calderón, Félix García and Jesús Carretero

Volume 28 Number 6 November 2013

Special issue: 2nd International Symposium on Secure Virtual Infrastructures

Alois Ferscha and Siani Pearson

Mechanisms for Protecting Sensitive Information in Cloud Computing
Tomer Gershoni, Miranda Mowbray and Siani Pearson

Control as a Means towards Accountable Services in the Cloud
Volkmar Lotz, Anderson Santana de Oliveira and Jakub Sendor

How to Act Without being Observed: Progressive Privacy Architecture in Desktop-as-a-Service
D. Davide Lamanna, Flavio Bertini, Giorgia Lodi and Roberto Baldoni

An Advanced Intrusion Detection Framework for Cloud Computing
Massimo Ficco, Salvatore Venticinque and Beniamino Di Martino

Adaptability Driven by Quality of Execution in High Level Virtual Machines for Shared Cloud Environments
José Simão and Luís Veiga

Towards an Accurate Evaluation of Deduplicated Storage Systems
João Paulo, Pedro Reis, José Pereira and António Sousa

Secure Cloud Transactions
Debmalya Biswas and Krishnamurthy Vidyasankar

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