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Vol 29 2014

Volume 29 Number 1 January 2014

Special issue: CUBE 2012

Guest Editor
Vidyasagar Potdar

A two-phase quantitative methodology for enterprise information security risk analysis
Jaya Bhattacharjee, Anirban Sengupta, Chandan Mazumdar and Mridul Sankar Barik

Efficient spam filtering based on informative features extracted from the header fields and the URLs in the message
Aziz Qaroush, Mahdi Washaha and Ismail Khater

Diagnosis of dysarthria subtype via spectral and waveform analysis
James Carmichael

Trust evaluation in wireless ad-hoc networks using fuzzy system
Pallavi Khatri, S Tapaswi and U P Verma

Discussions on trade-offs in data aggregation in wireless sensor networks
Wuyungerile Li, Shunsuke Saruwatari, Masaki Bandai and Takashi Watanabe

Generic organization of semi-structured data
Supriya Chakraborty and Nabendu Chaki

Rate and relay diversity in temporal spectrum sharing
Ari Raptino H, Shunsuke Saruwatari, Masaki Bandai and Takashi Watanabe

Cheating detection and cheater identification in (t, n) secret sharing scheme
Zhixiao Wang, Yanxiao Liu, Wenyao Yan, Wei Wei, Junhuai Li, Deyun Zhang and Omar Alfandi

Implementing adaptive interfaces: a use model for the development of usability in interactive systems
Andrés Mejía, Reyes Juárez-Ramírez, Sergio Inzunza and Rocio Valenzuela

Decision trees to multiclass prediction for analysis of arecanut data
M Suresha, Ajit Danti and S K Narasimhamurthy

Software industry in Okinawa: is ‘domestic offshore outsourcing’ scheme feasible?
Atsushi Kato

Volume 29 Number 2 March 2014

“LogN+1” and “LogN” model: a binary tree based multi-level cache system for multi-core processors
Muhamman Ali Ismail, Shahid H. Mirza and Talat Altaf

A fuzzy logic based framework for assessing the maturity level of Indian small scale software organizations
A. M. Kalpana, K. Tamizarasu and A. Ebenezer Jeyakumar

Scalable hierarchical scheduling for malleable parallel jobs on multiprocessor-based systems
Yangjie Cao, Hongyang Sun, Depei Qian and Weiguo Wu

Routing protocols for mobile sensor networks: a comparative study
Shahzad Ali, Sajjad A. Madani, Atta ur Rehman Khan and Imran Ali Khan

Volume 29 Number 3 May 2014

A novel reversible design for double edge triggered flip-flops and new designs of reversible sequential circuits
Marian Zomorodi Moghadam, Keivan Navi and Mahmood Kalemati

A fast fusion technique for fingerprint and iris spatial descriptors in multimodal biometric systems
Carmelo Militello, Vincenzo Conti, Filippo Sorbello and Salvatore Vitabile

Design of a fuzzy-labview-based mechanical ventilator
Hasan Guler and Fikret Ata

A systematic review in the decision analysis of selecting an IT outsourcing supplier
Lucas Grossi and Jose A Calvo-Manzano

A highly robust approach to face authentication based on trace-fuzzy ART combination
Rerkchai Fooprateepsiri and Pichet Mareo

Volume 29 Number 4 July 2014

SPECIAL ISSUE: Multimedia Information Processing and Retrieval
Guest Editors: Kequi Li and Heng Qi

Kequi Li and Heng Qi

Multi-stage deep convolutional learning for people re-identification
Guan-Wen Zhang, Jien Kato, Yu Wang and Kenji Mase

Efficient shape representation and retrieval in large database
Zhiyang Li, Wenyu Qu, Yujie Xu, Junjie Cao and Zhixun Su

Implementation and evaluations of graphical password using object-based image ranking
Cuong Xuan Nguyen, Hung-Hsuan Huang and Kyoji Kawagoe

A hierarchical kernel for image classification based on layered representation
Heng Qi, Guoyu Lan and Kequi Li

Multiple graph regularization constrained nonnegative matrix factorization
Wei Jiang, Cong Wang and Yong-Qing Zhang

Volume 29 Number 5 September 2014

A bi-dimensional QoS model for SOA and real-time middleware
Marisol García-Valls, Pablo Basanta-Val, Marga Marcos and Elisabet Estévez

A survey on computing prime implicants and implicates in classical and non-classical logics
Manoj K Raut and Arindama Singh

Interactive discovery of association rules over data streams
Se Jung Shin and Won Suk Lee

Application of digital image processing in the determination of mass of the diamonds
R Anitha and K Duraiswamy

DNA computation algorithm for recyclable waste paper sorting
Mohammad Osiur Rahman, Aini Hussain, Edgar Scavino, M A Hannan and Hassan Basri

Volume 29 Number 6 November 2014


Editorial: Ilsun You, Fang-Yie Leu and Leonard Baroli

Modeling and analysis of mobility stochastic properties in cognitive radio networks
Jianfeng Guan, Wei Quan, Lili Wang, Changqiao Xu, Feilong Tang and Hongke Zhang

Performance evaluation of IEEE 802.11 contention control mechanisms using polygonal sequences
C Mala and B Nithya

Dual migration for mobile cloud service in 4G/LTE network
Wei Kuang Lai, Yi-Uan Chen, Tin-Yu Wu and Ya-Yin Chen

AAM -based emotion recognition using variance of facial feature points on mobile video stream
Yong-Hwan Lee, Bonam Kim and Youngseop Kim

Design and experiments of new IP traceback method based on offline analysis
Ho-Seok Kang, Tran Tin and Sung-Ryul Kim

PCNDN: Proactive caching for efficient mobility support in NDN
Ying Rao, Huachun Zhou, Deyun Gao, Hongbin Luo and Ying Liu

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