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Vol 30 2015

Vol 30 No 1 January 2015

Special issue: New Holistic Trends in Ambient Intelligence

Editorial: Ramón Hervas and José Bravo

Goal lifecycles and ontological models for intention based assistive living within smart environments
Joseph Rafferty, Liming Chen, Chris Nugent and Jun Liu

Ontological characterization and representation of context within smart environments
Laura M McAvoy, Liming Chen, Mark P Donnelly, Chris D Nugent and Paul J McCullagh

An anomolous situation detection system for cognitive impaired people
Antonio Coronato and Giovanni Paragliola

Out of context serious games: Transversal reutilization of games across healthcare domains
Alberto L Morán, Felipe Orihuela-Espina, Victoria Meza-Kubo, Ana I Grimaldo, Cristina Ramírez-Fernández, Eloísa García-Canseco, Juan M Oropeza-Salas and Luis E Sucar

Social connector: a ubiquitous system to ease the social interaction among family community members
Diego Muñoz, Francisco J Gutierrez, Sergio F Ochoa and Nelson Baloian

A model-driven approach to service composition on the basis of the specification of BPMN choreographies
Carlos Rodríguez-Domínguez, Tomás Ruiz-López, José Luis Garrido, Manuel Noguera and Kawtar Benghazi

Web-based applications for open display networks: developers’ perspective
Constantin Taivan, Rui José and Bruno Silva

Vol 30 No 2 March 2015

Magio: using mobile agents to enhance parallel I/O
David E Singh, Florin Isaila, Félix García and Jesús Carretero

Integrating outlier removal into existing histogram construction methods for geographic data
Hai Tanh Mai, Jaeho Kim and Myoung Ho Kim

Parameters’ fine tuning of differential evolution algorithm
Rawaa Dawoud Al-Dabbagh, Saad Mekhilef and Mohd Sapiyan Baba

Session identification based on linked referrers and web log indexing
ChaoYong Qin and Chenhan Liao

Optimal WiMax backhauling solutions for WiFi traffic
Glaucio H S Carvalho

Vol 30 No 3 May 2015

A distance based approach for link analysis in XML information retrieval
M’hamed Mataoui and Mohamed Mezghiche

Dynamic filtering of sensor readings for approximate query processing in sensor networks
Hai Tanh Mai, Ki Yong Lee and Myoung Ho Kim

Improving application layer multicast forwarding performance by offloading multisend operations
Jijun Cao and Jinshu Su

SDD-matcher: a semantic-driven data matching framework
Yan Tang Demey and Gang Zhao

Recognition of driving postures by nonsubsampled contourlet transform and k-nearest neighbor classifier
Chihang Zhao, Jie He, Xiaoqin Zhang, Xingzhi Qi and Aiwen Chen

Set agreement and the loneliness failure detector in crash-recovery systems
Sergio Arévalo, Ernesto Jiménez, Jian Tang and Rommel Torres

Vol 30 No 4 July 2015

Harmony and bio inspired harmony search optimization algorithms for feature selection in classification
S Varadhaganapathy, V Krishnaveni, G Arumugam and R R Rajalaxmi

Fabric defect localization using line variances of the local homogeneity images
A Rebhi, S Abid and F Fnaiech

A reputation-based computing approach in trusted web service provisions
Ping Wang, Kuo-Ming Chao and Chi-Chun Lo

Bridging the semantic gap for automatic image annotation by learning the manifold space
Mohammad Ali Zare Chahooki and Nasrollah Moghaddam Charkari

Prosumer recruitment framework for prosumer community groups in smart-grid
A J Dinusha Rathnayaka, Vidyasagar M Potdar, Tharam Dillon and Omar Hussain

Vol 30 No 5 September 2015

Special issue
Big Data-related Technologies and Applications
Zheng Xu, Yunhuai Liu, Xiangfeng Luo and Qing Li

Artificial neural network based grid computing of e-governance scheduling for emergency management
Qingyuan Zhou and Jianjian Luo

A task distribution algorithm compatible with background control framework for parallel simulation
Qingjun Qu and Yiping Yao

Investigation on remote monitoring system for hybrid electric bulldozer
Yan Wei, Shi Songshan, Liu Zhenggang and Li Guoxiang

Design and analysis of communication scheduling applied in water inrush perception layer of mine internet of things
Jin Bao-quan, Bai Qing, Zhang Hong-juan, Wang dong and Gao Yan

Energy-efficient power allocation for MIMO two-way cognitive relay networks
Shengqing Zhang, Jiakuo Zuo, Li Zhao and Cairong Zhu

Generating associated knowledge flow in large-scale web pages based on user interaction
Shunxiang Zhang, Kui Lu, Wenjuan Liu, Xiaobo Yin and Guangli Zhu

A SoPC design of a real-time high-definition stereo matching algorithm
Xiang Zhang, HuaiXiang Zhang, Yifan Wu and Guojun Dai

The semantic analysis of knowledge map for the traffic violations from the surveillance video big data
Zheng Xu and Haiyan Chen

Robust local outlier detection with statistical parameter for big data
Jingsheng Lei, Teng Jiang, Kui Wu, Haizhou Du and Lin Zhu

Building the concept semantic space for large text database
Xiao Wei, Daniel Dajun Zeng, Wei Wu and Yeming Dai

Vol 30 No 6 November 2015

Special issue
ICA3PP/U-Science 2014
Weijiang Liu and Zhiyang Li

Dynamic resource allocation based on energy utility maximization using virtual machines in cloud environment
Xiaohua Jia, Jinhai Wang, Chuanhe Huang, Qin Liu, Kai He, Jing Wang and Peng Li

Heavy hitter identification based on adaptive sampling with mapreduce
Aiping Zhou, Guang Cheng, Xiaojun Guo, Dinh Tu Truong and Chengang Zhu

Security games for service computing applications
Xinfeng Ye

Rescheduling rework jobs on single-machine of original jobs with release times
Yandong Guo, Min Huang and Qing Wang

QoS oriented task scheduling based on generic algorithm in cloud computing
Tingting Wang, Weijiang Liu, Yujie Xu and Mianxiong Dong

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