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Vol 31 2016

Vol 31 No 1 January 2016

Improving the quality of mobile target detection through portion of node with full duty cycle in WSNs
Yanling Hu and Anfeng Liu

Bridging the semantic gap for automatic image annotation by learning the manifold space
Mohammad Ali Zare Chahooki and Nasrollah Moghaddam Charkari

Goals and scenarios based web requirements engineering
Shailey Chawla, Sangeeta Srivastava and Punam Bedi

An enhanced dynamic detection of possible invariants based on best permutation of test cases
Hamid Alishvandi, Gholam Hosein Gouraki and Hamid Parvin

Enhancing multimedia caching algorithms for variable-bandwidth streams using adaptive and smoothing techniques
Javier Fernández Calderón, Félix García and Jesús Carretero

Vol 31 No 2 March 2016

Special issue: BDCloud 2015 and FCST 2015
Guest Editors: Zhiyang Li and Nei Kato

Long-term revenue maximization pricing scheme for cloud
Wen-Kai Huang, Chang-Dong Wang, Shao-Shu Huang, Zheng Li, Jian-Huang Lai and Ling Huang

A frequent pattern parallel mining algorithm based on distributed sliding window
Chen Bo, Duan Cheng YOng and Gao Xiue

Discovering probabilistic frequent closed itemsets in uncertain database with tuple uncertainty
Fengjuan Chen, Wenyu Qu, Lihai Nie, Junfeng Wu and Yuanyuan Li

Taxi-taking recommendation using real-time trajectories: an online query based approach
Yifan Chen, Xiang Zhao, Jiuyang Tang, Weiming Zhang and Haichuan Shang

An optimization model of Hadoop cluster performance prediction based on Markov process
Xiaowei Zheng, Jiaxuan Li, Yong Zhang and Qingkun Liu

Clustering routing method based on social characteristic in campus DTN
En Wang, Yongjian Yang, Wenbin Liu and Fan Wang

Information security in practices: Exploring privacy and trust in computer and inernet surveillance
Shuchih Ernest Chang and Anne Yenching Liu

Towards risk evaluation algorithm of PSC ship-selecting system based on hierarchic analysis and grey integrated clustering method
Tingting Yang, Zhonghua Sun, Zhou Su, Hailong Feng and Ruilong Deng

Topological separation axioms of soft rough formal context
Li Fu and Zhen Liu

Ascending partition method for differentially private histogram publication
Yangyang Xu, Zhaobin Liu and Zhonglian Hu

Vol 31 No 3 May 2016

Estimation error-aware query optimization: an overview
Chiraz Soussi Moumen, Franck Morvan and Abdelkader Hameurlain

A practical reliable reputation based data fusion method for ad-hoc wireless sensor networks
Zhe Wei, Fang Wang and Le Sun

Neighbour unpredictability measure in multiword expression extraction
Senem Kumova Metin

A Petri Net extension for formal modelling of information systems
Sasa Kresoja, Milos Rackovic, Srdjan Skrbic and Bojana Dimic Surla

Energy efficient dual execution mode scheduling for real-time tasks with shared resources
Jun Wu

Vol 31 No 4 July 2016

Adaptive hierarchical bitmap-based index for wireless broadcast environments in an emergency
Doohee Song and Kwangjin Park

Performance evaluation comparison for detecting DNA structural break through big data analysis
Md. Sarwar Kamal, Sonia Farhana Nimmy and Sazia Parvin

Effective indexing and searching with dimensionality reduction on high-dimensional space
Seungdo Jeong, Sang-Wook Kim and Byung-Uk Choi

Exploiting flow equivalent server in transient analysis
Alessio Angius, András Horváth, Sami M Halawani, Omar Barukab, Ab Rahman Ahmad and Gianfranco Balbo

Vol 31 No 5 September 2016

XML schema matching using early dissimilarity detection approaches
Ahmad Abdullah Alqarni and Eric Pardede

Data allocation in a Heterogeneous Disk Array (HDA) with multiple RAID levels for database applications
Alexander Thomasian and Jun Xu

FPGA implementation of programmable cellular automata encryption algorithm for network communications
Petre Anghelescu

Extending visual information extraction to biomedical applications
Giuseppe Della Penna, Daniele Magazzeni and Sergio Orefice

An optimal tabu prioritization algorithm for regression testing
cKhanna H Nehemiah, Angelin Gladston and A Kannan

Vol 31 No 6 November 2016

Special issue: Cyber-Physical System-related Technologies and Applications
Guest Editors: Zheng Xu, Vijayan Sugumaran and Hui Zhang

Computer aided study of factors that influence the cooperative willingness of
water-related public organizations
Qiu Ling and Qi Linkai

The scalable vocabulary tree based model for sub-image retrieval
Quan-Dong Feng, Miao Xu and Xin Zhang

Hierarchical gradient based parameter identification for non-uniformly sampling Wiener systems
Liu Ranran, Zheng Enxing, Chang Shan, Bei Shaoyi and Zhang Lanchun

Hierarchical stochastic gradient identification for non-uniformly sampling Hammerstein systems with colored noise
Liu Ranran, Zheng Enxing, Chang Shan, Bei Shaoyi and Zhang Lanchun

Research on the effects of blasting vibration attenuation by pre-split crack with HHT method
Tao Guo, Xiang Fang, Mingshou Zhong, Huayuan Ma and Yiming Mao

Stochastic gradient identification for Hammerstein systems with non-uniformly sampling
Zheng Enxing, Liu Ranran, Jiang Yifeng, Sun Yuxia and Ni FuYin

The realization of multi agent based online trading systems based on J2EE technology
Tian Run Hu, Zhang Yan Bin and Jia Lixin

The service quality evaluation of ecologic economy systems using simulation computing
Qingyuan Zhou and Juan Luo

The state space model of remanufacturing carbon footprint for low-carbon
Cui-Xia Zhang

The system of knowledge management using web based learning and education technology
Wenshu Bao, Haiying Zhou, Wang Lu and Feng Xie

Using cross ambiguity model improves the effect of Vietnamese word segmentation
Yitong Niu, Mingming Xiong, Jianyi Guo, Cunli Mao, Yantuan Xian and Zhengtao Yu

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