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Vol 32 2017

Vol 32 No 1 January 2017

Adaptive Duty Cycle (ADC) energy efficient algorithm for ZigBee networks
Wail Mardini, Yaser Khamayseh, Marwa Salayma, Muneer Bani Yassien and Hussien Mouftah

An adaptive edge detection operator for noisy images based on a total variation approach restoration
Sa’ed Abed, Mohammed H Ali and Mohammad Al-Shayeji

Soft error tolerance using HVDQ (Horizontal-Vertical-Diagonal-Queen parity method)
Sakib Ahammed, Muhammad Sheikh Sadi, Md Shamimur Rahman and Jan Jürjens

Change management technique for supporting object oriented diagrams changes
Bassam Atieh Rajabi and Sai Peck Lee

Vol 32 No 2 March 2017
Special Issue: Foundations and Practice of Security in Emerging ICT Applications
Guest Editors
: Ilsun You, Sherali Zeadally and A Min Tjoa

Detecting local covert channels using process activity correlation on Android smartphones
Marcin Urbanski, Wojciech Mazurczyk, Jean-Francois Lalandey and Luca Caviglione

k-out-of-n oblivious transfer protocol with security against malicious adversaries
Xiaochao Wei, Qiuliang Xu and Yi Tang

A corrupted cloud and corrupted multi-cloud identification method for batch auditing in cloud storage services
Sooyeon Shin and Taekyoung Kwon

Enhanced TKTOFT protocol for ternary based distributed group key management in cognitive radio networks
C Mala, N Renugadevi and Hsing-Chung Chen

Security threats in M2M networks: a survey with case study
Fatima Hussain, Lilatul Ferdouse, Alagan Anpalagan, Lutful Karim and Isaac Woungang

Fast backup and recovery for web protectiuon using trigger and block hash approach
Qian He, Ning Zhang, Jinshu Su and Xiao-Song Zhang

An extensive empirical evaluation of classifier ensembles for intrusion detection task
Bayu Adhi Tama and Kyung-Hyune Rhee

Achieving a scalable and secure software defined network by identifiers separating and mapping
Mingxin Wang, Huachun Zhou and Jia Chen

Abnormal behaviour pattern mining for unknown threat detection
Chang Choi, Junho Choi and Pankoo Kim

Vol 32 No 3 May 2017
Optimal agreement under fallible mobile network
Shun-Sheng Wang and Shu-Ching Wang

An adaptive edge detection operator for noisy images based on a total variation approach restoration
Sa’ed Abed, Mohammed H Ali and Mohammad Al-Shayeji

Inspection reading techniques applied to software artifacts – a systematic review
Shouki A Ebad

Formal verification and performance evaluation of task scheduling heuristics for makespan optimization and workflow distribution in large-scale computing systems
Sardar Khaliq uz Zaman, Atta ur Rehman Khan, Saif ur Rehman Malik, Abdul Nasir Khan, Tahir Maqsood and Sajjad A Madani

A bottom-up semantic mapping approach for exploring manufacturing information resources in industry
Sara Bouzid

Vol 32 No 4 July 2017
Special Issue: Elastic Data Management in Cloud Systems
Guest Editors: Abdelkader Hameurlain and Riad Mokadem

On scalability of two NoSQL data stores for processing interactive social networking actions
Sumita Barahmand, Shahram Ghandeharizadeh and Jia Li

A QoS-aware approach for discovering and selecting configurable IaaS Cloud services
Jalel Eddine Hajlaoui, Mohamed Nazih Omri and Djamal Benslimane

Autoscaling scientific workflows on the cloud by combining on-demand and spot instances
David A Monge, Yisel Garí, Cristian Mateos and Carlos García Garino

Experimental comparative study of NoSQL databases: HBASE versus MongoDB by YCSB
Houcine Matallah, Ghalem Belalem and Karim Bouamrane

A clustering-based sampling method for building query response time models
Jinwen Zhang and Baoning Niu

Vol 32 No 5 September 2017
Design of optimal elliptic curve cryptography by using partial parallel shifting multiplier with parallel complementary
S Hemalatha, V Rajamani and V Parthasarathy

Genetic algorithm based energy-saving ATO control algorithm for CBTC
Zheng Wang, Xiangxian Chen, Hai Huang and Yue Zhang

An optimized adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system to estimate software development effort
Seyyed Hamid Samareh Moosavi and Vahid Khatibi Bardsiri

A context-aware hierarchical approach for activity recognition based on mobile devices
Shugang Zhang, Zhiqiang Wei, Jie Nie, Lei Huang and Zhen Li

Design and analysis of control strategies for a cyber physical system
Amjad Gawanmeh, Abdullah Abu Omar and Alain April

A MapReduce-based efficient H-bucket PMR quadtree spatial index
Hari Singh and Seema Bawa

Vol 32 No 6 November 2017
SPECIAL ISSUE: International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed Processing with Applications

Xiaobo Zhou and Kequi Li

A CRAHNs routing protocol based on the hops, channel number and channel capacity
Xue Weilian, Yuan Zhibo and Niu Bingxin

A practical M x N search routing in mobile opportunistic networks
Peng Liu, Jia Xu, Biao Xu, Tingting Fu, Zhen Jiang and Jie Wu

Joint correlation exploitation and network coding in two-way relaying systems
Zongliang ZhuanSun, Kequi Li, Heng Qi and Guolong Chen

Distributed state prediction based geographic routing for underwater acoustic sensor network
Lei Zhang, Gang Zhang, Bin Wu, Ting Zhao and Yang Shao

An efficient racetrack memory for L2 cache in GPGPUs
Ehsan Atoofian and Ahsan Saghir

SCS – A new non-volatile cache mechanism for SSD systems
Xiang Gao, Tianfang Xiao and Meifang Yang

Simulation of heat conduction in fluids on GPU with particle method
Darcy Qingzhi Hou, Zhe Wang, Jianwu Dang, Wenhuan Lu, Yuejin Cai and Jianguo Wei

Learning-based distributed locality sensitive hashing
Jia Shi, Zhaobin Liu, Zhiyang Li, Chang Liu and Wenyu Qu

Probabilistic energy-aware scheduling for wireless networked control systems
Qiang Lin, Guowei Wu and Jiankang Ren

Straight-line tracking control for underactuated ships based on LOS and adaptive fuzzy method
Chengming Yang and Zaojian Zou

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