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Recent Special Issues

Volume 24 Numbers 3-4 September-December 2016

SPECIAL ISSUE: Applications and Techniques in Cyber Intelligence
Guest Editors: Zheng Xu, Zhiguo Yan and Huan Du

A stability criterion method based on neural network and its application on flutter boundary prediction
Zheng Hua, Zhang Jie and Pei Chengming

A novel online optimization technology for data-driven complicated system
Wan Mei Fang

Auction system with privacy protection
Zhen Guo, Yu Fu and Chunjie Gao

Decision model of construction project bid based on information diffusion and possibility theory
Jianping Li, Wuxin Chen and Min Qiu

Edge detection of infrared image base on phase congruency
Longyuan Guo, Baitong Luo, Guoyun Zhang, Jianhui Wu, Bing Tu and Xianfeng Ou

Estimation of crowd density based on deep convolutional neural networks
Tan Zhiyong, Yuan Jiazheng, Bao Hong, Liu Hongzhe and Li Qing

Intelligent data management in cloud computing
Xianlin Zhou, Ji Zeng and Zhenxi Wei

Personalized recommendation model of clothing based on rough set theory
Hongqin Dai, Lili Wang, Jing Wang and Guolian Liu

Study on valuation of industrial heritage based on its integration with public
art display space
Yue Zhang

Correlation analysis of the data fields in relational database
Wei Lijun, Pan Yang and Zhang Yan

Volume 24 Number 1 March 2016

Special Issue: The Fourth IFIP AITP Conference

Tharam Dillon

Detection of adolescent periodic stress via a micro-blog
Liang Zhao, Yuanyuan Xue, Qi Li and Ling Feng

Geodesic derivative pattern for offline signature matching
Farshid Hajati, Samaneh Abdoli and Zohreh Saberi

An overview of the contemporary semantically-based TCM telemedicine systems
Jackei H K Wong and Wilfred W K Lin

Effuicacy of the fuzzy polynucleotide space in phylogenetic tree construction
Awanti Sambarey and Ashok Deshpande

Capturing implied volatility with neural nets as a basis for optioms pricing and Delta hedging
Fahed Mostafa, Tharam Dillon and Elizabeth Chang

Special Issue: Selected Papers from the 9th IFIP International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations (AIAI 2013)
Guest Editors: Harris Papadopoulos, Andreas S Andreou, Lazaros Iliadis and Ilias Maglogiannis

Vol 22 Nos 3/4 September/December 2014

Segmentation of electronic dance music
Tim Scarfe, Wouter M Koolen and Yuri Kalnishkan

Adaptive evolutionary algorithm for a multi-objective VRP
Andreas Konstantinidis, Savvas Pericleous and Christoforos Charalambos

Unsupervised clustering and multi-optima evolutionary search
Vassilis P Plagianakos

Applying hard and fuzzy K-modes clustering for dynamic web recommendations
Panayiotis Christodoulou, Marios Lestas and Andreas S Andreou

A fuzzy cognitive map system to explore the repercussions of Greek PSI and bank recapitalization on the Cyprus economy
Maria Papaioannou, Costas K Neocleous, Charalambos Papageorgiou and Christos N Schizas

Fusion and gene and imaging information enhances derivation of robust composite disgnostic biomarkers in the case of melanoma
Ioannis Valavanis, Ilias Maglogiannis and Aristotelis Chatziioannou

Classification of osteoporosis clinical data using genetic clustering
George C Anastassopoulos, Adam Adamopoulos, Georgios Drosos, Konstantinos Kazakos and Harris Papadopoulos

Computational intelligence modeling and assessment of industrial noise: the case of wood manufacturing
Vasiliki Dimou, Lazaros S Iliadis and Ilias Bougoudis

Index to Volume 22 2014

Special issue: Innovative Intelligent Approaches: Extended papers from the 8th AIAI 2012 IFIP Conference
Guest Editors: Lazaros Iliadis, Ilias Maglogiannis and Harris Papadopoulos

Vol 21 Nos 2/3 June/September 2013

Towards a declarative framework for the specification of agent-driven auctions
Alex Muscar and Costin Badica

Mathematical analysis of human factors using experimental parameter identification of human behaviour model
Jan Boril and Rudolf Jalovecky

Investigating motif selection methods for support vector machine classification of protein sequences to functional families
Danai Georgara, Katia Kermanidis and Ioannis Mariolis

Evaluation and analysis of artificial neural networks and decision trees in
forecasting of common air quality index in Thessaloniki, Greece
Ioannis Kyriakidis, Kostas Karatzas, Jaakko Kukkonen, George Papadourakis and Andrew Ware

Pilot neural modeling of the inside bark tree diameter. A comparative study with robust regression
Kyriaki Kitikidou, Elias Milios, Lazaros Iliadis and Minas Kaymakis

Fast and robust fuzzy active contours
Stelios Krinidis, Michail Krinidis and Vassilios Chatzis

AQ-MAS: A multiagent system for air quality monitoring in urban regions
Mihaela Oprea

Embracing cognitive factors and fuzzy logic in adaptive interactive systems
Efi Papatheocharous, Marios Belk, Panagiotis Germanakos and George Samaras

Adult student modeling for intelligent distance learning systems
Ioannis Panagiotopoulos, Kalou Aikaterini, Pierrakeas Christos and Kameas Achilles

A multiplicative multi-linear model for inter-camera prediction in free view 3D systems
Ioannis M. Stephanakis and George C. Anastassopoulos

Artificial spectrum-compatible seismic accelerograms with characteristics similar to natural seismic signals
Vrochidou Eleni, Alvanitopoulos Petros, Andreadis Ioannis and Elenas Anaxagoras

Special issue: Advances in creation, management and utilization of data streams
Editor: Alfredo Cuzzocrea

Vol 20 No 3 September 2012

Data stream management systems for processing and mining RFID streams
Carlo Zaniolo

Fully decentralized recommendations in pervasive systems: models and experimental analysis
L Becchetti, U Colesanti, A Marchetti-Spaccamela and A Vitaletti

Estimating OLAP queries over uncertain and imprecise multidimensional data streams
Alfredo Cuzzocrea and Jiawei Han

Energy-aware models for sensor network data acquisition
Daniele Apiletti, Elena Baralis, Tania Cerquitelli and Adeel Ashraf Cheema

Timely developments in artificial intelligence applications
Editors: Lazaros Iliadis and Ilias Maglogiannis

Vol 20 Nos 1/2 March/June 2012

Permutation entropy: a reliable measure for automatic monitoring of anesthetic depth during surgery
N Nicolaou, S Hourris, P Alexandrou and J Georgiou

Neural modeling classification of western and transition European economies based on energy patterns
Kyriaki Kitikidou, Lazaros Iliadis and Iliana Spartali

A cost-delay evolutionary model for optimal design of capacitated minimum spanning tree topologies in content distribution access networks
Ioannis Stephanakis and Dimitrios Logothetis

A neural network approach for the interpolation of missing foF2 data points
Haris Haralambous and Harris Papadopoulos

Color and texture indexing using an object segmentation approach
A Nodari, I Gallo, M Vanetti and S Albertini

Salient feature-based object recognition in cortex-like machine vision
Aristeidis Tsitiridis, Mark Richardson and Peter W T Yuen

Agent assisted paper collection for recycling
Nikolaos Bezirgiannis and Ilias Sakellariou

Iterated revisions in large and noisy state spaces using ranking functions
Klaus Häming and Gabriele Peters

Dimensionality reduction framework for detecting anomalies from network logs
Tuomo Sipola, Antti Juvonen and Joel Lehtonen

Predictive automated negotiators with different attitudes towards risk
Marisa Masvoula, Constantin Halatsis and Drakoulis Martakos

Personalized meta-searching using adaptive service composition for mobile web access
Ronnie Cheung and Hassan B Kazemian

Using artificial intelligence methods to understand and forecast atmospheric quality parameters
Ioannis Kyriakidis, Kostas Karatzas, George Papadourakis and J Andrew Ware

Artificlal Intelligence Applications and Innovations 2010
Lazaros Iliadis, Andreas Andreou and Harris Papadopoulos

Vol 18 Nos 3/4 September/December 2010

Testing sigmoid and gaussian fuzzy sets towards forest fire risk modeling
L S Iliadis, S Skopianos, S Tachos and S Spartalis

Detecting and confining Sybil attack in wireless sensor networks based on reputation systems coupled with clustering algorithms
Z Bankovic, D Fraga, J M Moya, J C Vallejo, A Araujo, P Malagón, J-M de Goyeneche, D Villanueva, E Romero and J Blesa

Conformal predictions for electronic nose system: an application to tea classification
I Nouretdinov, G Li, A Gammerman and Z Luo

A web-based example-tracing tutor for formalising sentences in first order logic
T Chronopoulos, I Hatzilygeroudis, I Perikos and K Kovas

A contourlet transform feature extraction scheme for ultrasound thyroid texture classification
S Katsigiannis, E G Keramidas and D Maroulis

Robust stock market miniung, incorporating financial news and technical analysis data
M Maragoudakis and D Serpanos

A GP-MOEA/D approach for modelling total electron content over Cyprus
A Konstantinidis, H Haralambous, A Agapitos and H Papadopoulos

Osteoporosis risk factor estimation using artificial neural networks
G Anastassopoulos, D Mantzaris, L Iliadis, K Kazakos and H Papadopoulos

Speed optimized face recognition on mobile devices using eigenfaces decomposition
C Doukas and I Maglogiannis

A conflict-resolving approach to ontology evolution in open environments
Y Liu, R Chen, J Gao and H Yang

Feature subset selection for software cost modelling and estimation
E Papatheocharous, H Papadopoulos and A S Andreou

Special Issue: Decision Support Systems

Vol 15 No 3 September 2007

Scheduling maintenance activities of electric power transmission networks using an hybrid constraint method
N Gomes, R Pinheiro, Z Vale and C Ramos

A scatter search approach for automated branch coverage in software testing
R Blanco, J Tuya, E Díaz and A Adenso Díaz

Knowledge extraction from medium voltage load diagrams to support the definition of electrical tariffs
S Ramos, V Figueiredo, F Rodrigues, R Pinhero and Z Vale

Ambient intelligence via multiagent systems in the medical arena
J Machado, V Alves, A Abelha and J Neves

Using ontologies to support and critique decisions
Y Kalfoglou

Modeling group decision meeting participants with an agent-based approach
G Marreiros, C Ramos and J Neves

Decision support for software project planning and enactment
T Sauer and S Goldmann

A computer simulation model for emergency building evacuation with arena
M E Haque and S Balasubramanian

ISEM: A multi-agent system that simulates competitive electronic marketplaces
M J Viamonte, C Ramos, F Rodrigues and J Cardoso

Special issue: ISAP 2007

Vol 15 No 2 June 2007

Learning Models of Plant Behavior for Anomaly Detection and Condition Monitoring
A J Brown, V M Catterson, M Fox, D Long and S D J McArthur

A Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Employing Crossover Operation for Economic Dispatch Problems with Valve-point Effects
J-B Park, Y-W Jeong, J-R Shin, K Y Lee and J-H Kim

Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization of Substation Maintenance using Markov Model
C S Chang and F Yang

A Multiple Scenario Security Constrained Reactive Power Planning Tool Using EPSO
H Keko, A Jaramillo Duque and V Miranda

Reactive Power Management in Offshore Wind Farms by Adaptive PSO
V S Pappala, S N Singh, M Wilch and I Erlich

Implementation of a Web-Based Real-Time Monitoring and Control System for a Hybrid Wind-PV-Battery Renewable Energy System
L Wang and K-H Liu

Optimization of Reactive Power Compensation and Voltage Regulation Using Artificial Immune Algorithm for Radial Transmission Networks
T-F Lee, Y-C Hsiao, H-Y Wu, T-L Huang, F-M Fang and M-Y Cho

Modeling of Suppliers’ Learning Behaviors in a Multi-Agent Market Environment
N Yu, C-C Liu and L Tesfatsion

 Fuzzy theory and its application

Vol 14 No 4 December 2006

Automatic white balancing by hybrid neural model
C-Y Chen, Y-J Chen and R-C Hwang

Incorporation of genetic algorithms and Hopfield neural networks with ant colony optimization
C-Y Lee, S-F Su and Z-J Lee

Power load forecasting by neural models
P-H Weng, Y-J Chenu, H-C Huang and R-C Hwang

Robust fuzzy integral sliding mode control of the linear mismatches systems
C W Tao and J S Taur

Decentralized guaranteed cost control for uncertain fuzzy large-scale systems with time-varying delays
Y-Y Hou, T-L Liao, C-H Lien and J-J Yan

Knowledge Engineering

Vol 13 No 4 December 2005

An autonomous protection coordination scheme in an electric power distribution network using a multi-agent concept
Kwang-Ho Jung, Seong-Il Lim, Myeon-Song Choi, Seung-Jae Lee and Seung-Ho Hyun

Decision support for power system control centers ­ a model based reasoning component
Nuno Malheiro, Zita Vale, Carlos Ramos, Manuel Cordeiro, Albino Marques and Vieira Couto

Maintenance techniques for an intelligent alarm processing system
Jacques P Sauvé, Eloi R Neto, Walfredo Cirne, Alexandre N Duarte, Jorge C A Figueiredo, Marcus C Sampaio, Pedro S Nicoletti, Antônio Sérgio de Araújo and Maria do Socorro M Cavalcante

Diagnosis tasks intelligent training based on a model tracing approach
Luiz Faria, Zita Vale, Carlos Ramos and Albino Marques

Practical knowledge management in a dispatcher center
Péter Kádár

Robust fault diagnosis approach using analytical and knowledge based techniques applied to a water tank system
Luis Brito Palma, Fernando Vieira Coito and Rui Neves da Silva

The role of ontologies in data integration
Isabel F Cruz and Huiyong Xiao

Service oriented semi-automatic ontology mapping bridging
Nuno Silva and João Rocha

Knowledge based support vector machines
Takuro Fukunaga and Toshihide Ibaraki

Rebuilder: a case-based reasoning approach to knowledge management in software design
Paulo Gomes, Francisco C Pereira, Paulo Paiva, Nuno Seco, Paulo Carreiro, José Luís Ferreira and Carlos Bento

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