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Vol 11 2003

Volume 11 Number 1 March 2003

A prototype of a multiagents system for a telemedivcine environment
P Miranda and J Aguilar

Power line tap modelling at power-line frequencies with radial-basis function network
N Suljanovic, A Mujcic, M Zajc and J F Tasic

Application of computer intelligence to the unit commitment problem
C A Rajan

Expert system application to topological observability of power systems
S C Tripathy, A Jain and R Balasubramanian

Experimental studies of the chaotic power swing of a laboratory generator
K Toshihiro

Electrical load forecasting formulation by a fast neural network
M L M Lopes, C R Minussi and A D Lotufo

Volume 11 Number 2 June 2003

Special issue: 6th International Conference on Knowledge-Based Systems

'Reasonable' support to knowledge sharing through schema analysis and articulation
E Compatangelo and J Meisel

Rebuilder: a case-based reasoning design reuse tool
P Gomes, F C Pereira, P Paiva, N Seco, P Carreiro, J L Ferreira and C Bento

Application of Hierarchical Incremental Knowledge Acquisition (HIKA) using an Object-Oriented Database Management System (ODBMS)
G Beydoun and L Al-Jadir

General Paper
Combined environmental/economic dispatch using an evolutionary programming approach
T Jayabarathi

Volume 11 Number 3 September 2003

Literature survey on Expert systems applications to power systems (1990-2001)
R C Bansal

A hybrid data mining technique for vehicle fault diagnosis
A C M Fong, S C Hui and H Jha

Comprehensive comparison of various multi-objective techniques
U Nangia, N K Jain and C L Wadhwa

Block pricing and bidding rule for spot electric power markets
X Wang, X Guan and X Wang

A Monte Carlo simulation technique for power system reliability assessment using self-organizing maps
X Luo, C Singh, A D Patton and Q Zhang

Real-time excitation controller using neural networks
F Shu, M ChengXiong and L Jiming

On the use of neural network-based determination of weighted despreading sequences for a DS/CDMA system
C Ciftlikli and I Develi

Volume 11 Number 4 December 2003

Special issue: Probabilistic Methods Applied to Power Systems

G Carpinelli and A Testa

Opportunities and risks for distributed generation in the context of liberalised energy markets
M Biffoni, F De Rossi, S Massucco, F Silvestro, G Burt, S Galloway and J R McDonald

A hybrid probabilistic/topological approach to topology error identification in power system real-time modelling
E M Lourenšo, A J A Sim§es Costa and K A Clements

Using cluster analysis in power system planning under uncertainty
S Deladreue, P Dessante, F Brouaye and P Bastard

Object-oriented distribution state estimation
G M Casolini and A Losi

Identification of basic multiple solutions in WLAV state estimation
G P Granelli, M Montagna and A Abur

Analytical reliability evaluation of large urban distribution systems with multi-phase load restriction
E Carpaneto andf G Chicco

Definition and Bayes estimation of stochastic safety index: application to cable-way point
V Cecconi, E Chiodo, M Cirrincione, M Pagano and M Pucci

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