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Vol 12 2004

Vol 12 No 1 March 2004

Graph chain representation associated to an evolutionary algorithm for restoration of radial distribution systems
A C B Delbem, A de Carvalho and N G Bretas

Short term load forecasting with a hybrid clustering algorithm and pattern recognition
A Stetsos and M Caserza Magro

Electrical reallocation of transformers in distribution systems using genetic algorithms
C M de Oliveira and R S Wazlawick

Determination of generator-tripping and load-shedding by compound neural network
Y Liu and X Chu

New methods for reconfiguration of radial distribution networks
D Das

Mamdani fuzzy load flow method
J G Vlachogiannis

Bilateral transaction bargaining between independent utilities using a minimax-regret bargaining strategy
F Wen and A K David

Vol 12 No 2 June 2004

Fast learning algorithm for synchronous generator instability prediction
G G Karady, A A Daoud, M A Mohammed and I A Amin

Integrated evolving fuzzy neural networks and artificial intelligence for load forecasting
G-C Liao

A toolkit for power system security assessment based on machine-learning techniques
D D Semitekos, N M Avouris and G B Giannakopoulos

Hybrid genetic algorithm/fuzzy system, simulated annealing and tabu search for short-term thermal generating unit commitment
G-C Liao

A new algorithm for complex faults and object-oriented programming
Q Chen and Y Liu

An enhanced suimulated annealing algorithm for solving the cell assignment problem of the two-level wireless ATM network
D-D Din and S Tseng

A novel current regulated PWM technique for ADALINE based active power line conditioner
M I Marei, E F El-Saadany and M M A Salama

Vol 12 No 3 September 2004

Function value allocation theory and its application in electricity markets
Z Jing, X Duan, Y He and F Wen

Application of neural networks in lighting system design: an evaluation of the utilization factor
C Adiga, R Aithal, and R S Shanbhag

Real-time estimation of power margin from on-line data accumulated through localized measurements
M O Faruque and M Moghavvemi

Genetic algorithm based hybrid model for wheeling cost analysis: a case study on Indian power sector
Y R Sood, N P Padhy and H O Gupta

An improved genetic algorithm for utility generation expansion planning in a competitive market
T-S Zhan, M-T Tsay and S-L Chen

Bid-based coupled active/reactive dispatch using simulated annealing
K A Papadogiannis, N D Hatziargyriou and J T Saraiva

RMI based distributed database model for multi-area power system load flow monitoring
K Nithiyananthan, V Ramachandran and S M Peeran

Systems approach to electrical energy management of an industrial estate in India
S S Inamdar, D S Hegde and K Nilakantan

Vol 12 No 4 December 2004

A conceptual research on bidding strategies in electricity markets with step-wise bidding protocol
F Wen and L Ma

An accurate fault classification algorithm using a minimal radial basis function neural network
P K Dash and S R Samantary

Voltage security assessment employing coherency-based feature selection for a neural network
M Pandit, L Srivastava and J Sharma

An artificial neural network model for predicting electromagnetic interference effects on gas pipelines built in power lines row
K Ellithy, A Al-Badi and S Al-Alawi

Using the fuzzy algorithm to dispatch economic real power with synthetical aims in thermal power system in power market
M Yi

Refined simulated annealing method for solving the unit commitment problem
C C Asir Rajan

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