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Vol 13 2005

Vol 13 No 1 March 2005

Systems approach to electrical energy management of an industrial estate in India
S S Inamdar, D S Hegde and K Nilakantan

A variable-structure genetic-fuzzy controller for large-scale power systems
Y Liu and W Sabry

Evolutionary algorithms for state justification in sequential automatic test pattern generation
A H El-Maleh, S S Sait and S Z Shazli

Design of P-I-D power system stabilizer
P Bera, D Das and T K Basu

The realizing problem of the limited automator of the grey forecast model
M Yi, Y Qiyu, L Yiren and L Wenchun

A genetic approach to mixed H2/H robust control design for SMES
Q Y Jiang, Y J Cao and S J Cheng

A new genetic algorithm with arithmetic crossover to economic and environmental economic dispatch
T Yalcinoz and H Altun

Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system based optimal spinning reserve identification in competitive electricity market
W Ongsakul and K Chayakulheeree

Reconnection of Open Wye-Open Delta transformers for loss reduction and load balance
Y-S Su, W-M Lin, S-C Chang and M-T Tsay

Vol 13 No 2 June 2005

Special issue
Intelligent systems application to power systems
Dario Lucarella

An integrated method of fuzzy data mining and fuzzy inference for short-term load forecasting
H Mori, Y Sakatani, T Fujino and K Numa

A reinforcement learning based discrete supplementary control for power system transient stability enhancement
M Glavic, D Ernst and L Wehenkel

Short active/reactive operation planning in a market environment using simulated annealing
K A Papadogiannis, N D Hatziargyriou and J T Saraiva

Model-based reasoning techniques for the analysis of protection operation
E M Davidson, S D J McArthur and J R McDonald

Real-time dual heuristic-programming-based neurocontroller for a turbogenerator in a multimachine power system
G K Venayagamoorthy, R G Harley and D C Wunsch

Application of self-organised neuro-fuzzy identifier in Intelligent predictive control of a power plant
H Ghezelayagh and K Y Lee

Failure modes, effects and criticality analysis (FMECA) of power electronic devices using fuzzy logic
E N Dialynas and E P Zafiropoulos

Intelligent alarm analysis: generalization and enhancement
T Chan, C-C Liu, D Lucarella, M Gallanti, D Sobajic and M Hofmann

Experimental studies on multi-agent based AGC for isolated power system with dispersed power sources
T Hiyama, H Esaki and T Funabashi

A hybrid decision support for bidding in the spot energy market
V Canazza, M Gallanti, A Gelmini and D Lucarella

Intelligent agents for negotiation and game-based decision support in electricity markets
I Praça, C Ramos, Z Vale and M Cordeiro

Risk assessment using boundary load flow solutions
A Dimitrovski and K Tomsovic

Vol 13 No 3 September 2005

A cognitive genetic algorithm for power distribution system planning
Gang Duan, Yixin Yu and Zhao Yang Dong

Communication interface between an integral information system and a simulator in a nuclear power plant
A Sánchez López, A Espinosa Reza, J M Suárez Jurado and A Villavicencio R

Fuzzy and ANN based variable gain PI controllers for STATCOM
Stella Morris, P K Dash and K P Basu

Lightning performance identification of high voltage transmission lines using artificial neural networks
L Ekonomou, D P Iracleous, I F Gonos and I A Stathopulos

Book reviews

Vol 13 No 4 December 2005

Special Issue: Knowledge Engineering

An autonomous protection coordination scheme in an electric power distribution network using a multi-agent concept
Kwang-Ho Jung, Seong-Il Lim, Myeon-Song Choi, Seung-Jae Lee and Seung-Ho Hyun

Decision support for power system control centers ­ a model based reasoning component
Nuno Malheiro, Zita Vale, Carlos Ramos, Manuel Cordeiro, Albino Marques and Vieira Couto

Maintenance techniques for an intelligent alarm processing system
Jacques P Sauvé, Eloi R Neto, Walfredo Cirne, Alexandre N Duarte, Jorge C A Figueiredo, Marcus C Sampaio, Pedro S Nicoletti, Antônio Sérgio de Araújo and Maria do Socorro M Cavalcante

Diagnosis tasks intelligent training based on a model tracing approach
Luiz Faria, Zita Vale, Carlos Ramos and Albino Marques

Practical knowledge management in a dispatcher center
Péter Kádár

Robust fault diagnosis approach using analytical and knowledge based techniques applied to a water tank system
Luis Brito Palma, Fernando Vieira Coito and Rui Neves da Silva

The role of ontologies in data integration
Isabel F Cruz and Huiyong Xiao

Service oriented semi-automatic ontology mapping bridging
Nuno Silva and João Rocha

Knowledge based support vector machines
Takuro Fukunaga and Toshihide Ibaraki

Rebuilder: a case-based reasoning approach to knowledge management in software design
Paulo Gomes, Francisco C Pereira, Paulo Paiva, Nuno Seco, Paulo Carreiro, José Luís Ferreira and Carlos Bento

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