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Vol 14 2006

Vol 14 No 1 March 2006

A new approach to time-frequency analysis and pattern recognition of non-stationary power signal disturbances
P K Dash, B K Biswal and B K Panigrahi

Application of fuzzy algorithm in optimal reconfiguration of distribution networks for loss reduction and load balancing
R Hooshmand and E Mashhoor

Voltage security assessment employing coherency based feature selection for neural networks
Manjaree Pandit, Laxmi Srivastava and Jaydev Sharma

A classification of the leakage current pulses of high voltage contaminated porcelain insulators using a self-organized neural network
P T Tsarabaris, C G Karagiannopoulos, P D Bourkas and N J Theodorou

Reactive power control and power factor improvement using fuzzy controllers
Manar M Sabry, Meshal A Al-shaher and Ahmed S Saleh

Loadability enhancement using optimal load dispatch
M-R Haghifam

Vol 14 No 2 June 2006

Performance of three-phase solid state VAR compensator system using fuzzy logic and ANN-based controllers: a comparison
B V Sanker Ram, K V Pavan Kumar, K Krishnaveni and G Tulasi Ram Das

Comparison of classical methods and lambda based economic and emission dispatch using a hybrid genetic algorithm
N Kumarappan and M R Mohan

One year long-term electric load forecasting based on multiple regression models and Kalman filtering algorithm
H M Al-Hamadi and S A Soliman

A novel transformer protection technique and its performance assessment using self-organizing maps
G Díaz, I Díaz, P Arboleya and J Gómez-Aleixandre

Self-organising modular probabilistic neural network for STLF
D Singh and S P Singh

Load-frequency regulation under a bilateral LFC scheme using flexible neural networks
H Bevrani, T Hiyama, Y Mitani, K Tsuji and M Teshnehlab

Vol 14 No 3 September 2006

Fuzzy set theory and uncertainty in case-based reasoning
R Weber

Expert medication system using a C language integrated production system
J G Vlachogiannis

Quadratic programming neural network approach for multi-reservoir network control
V Sharma, R Jha and R Naresh

Topology-adaptive noise-immune fault detection system using an associative memory network
W-M Lin, C-H Lin and Y-Y Wu

Adaptive particle swarm for reactive power optimization in power systems
W Zhang, Y Liu and M Clerc

Electric annual peak load forecasting based on fuzzy systems
S A Soliman and A M Al-Kandari

Vol 14 No 4 December 2006

Special issue: Fuzzy theory and its application

Automatic white balancing by hybrid neural model
C-Y Chen, Y-J Chen and R-C Hwang

Incorporation of genetic algorithms and Hopfield neural networks with ant colony optimization
C-Y Lee, S-F Su and Z-J Lee

Power load forecasting by neural models
P-H Weng, Y-J Chenu, H-C Huang and R-C Hwang

Robust fuzzy integral sliding mode control of the linear mismatches systems
C W Tao and J S Taur

Decentralized guaranteed cost control for uncertain fuzzy large-scale systems with time-varying delays
Y-Y Hou, T-L Liao, C-H Lien and J-J Yan

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