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Vol 15 2007

Vol 15 No 1 March 2007

An active reactive bid-based market model using fuzzy sets
M H Gomez and J T Saraiva

An artificial neural network approach for short-term electricity prices forecasting
J P S Catalão, S J P S Mariano, V M F Mendes and L A F M Ferreira

Semantic web based information retreival system for the users’ preferences
Okkyung Choi and Sangyong Han

Study of the optimization of target framework in the environment of electricity market
Yi Mao, Dongjie Sun, Bin Qin, Ruihua Long, Fangming Zhang, Wei Zhou, Ying Kang and Gang Zheng

Vol 15 No 2 June 2007

Special issue: ISAP 2007

Learning Models of Plant Behavior for Anomaly Detection and Condition Monitoring
A J Brown, V M Catterson, M Fox, D Long and S D J McArthur

A Hybrid Particle Swarm Optimization Employing Crossover Operation for Economic Dispatch Problems with Valve-point Effects
J-B Park, Y-W Jeong, J-R Shin, K Y Lee and J-H Kim

Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization of Substation Maintenance using Markov Model
C S Chang and F Yang

A Multiple Scenario Security Constrained Reactive Power Planning Tool Using EPSO
H Keko, A Jaramillo Duque and V Miranda

Reactive Power Management in Offshore Wind Farms by Adaptive PSO
V S Pappala, S N Singh, M Wilch and I Erlich

Implementation of a Web-Based Real-Time Monitoring and Control System for a Hybrid Wind-PV-Battery Renewable Energy System
L Wang and K-H Liu

Optimization of Reactive Power Compensation and Voltage Regulation Using Artificial Immune Algorithm for Radial Transmission Networks
T-F Lee, Y-C Hsiao, H-Y Wu, T-L Huang, F-M Fang and M-Y Cho

Modeling of Suppliers’ Learning Behaviors in a Multi-Agent Market Environment
N Yu, C-C Liu and L Tesfatsion

Vol 15 No 3 September 2007

Special Issue: Decision Support Systems

Scheduling maintenance activities of electric power transmission networks using an hybrid constraint method
N Gomes, R Pinheiro, Z Vale and C Ramos

A scatter search approach for automated branch coverage in software testing
R Blanco, J Tuya, E Díaz and A Adenso Díaz

Knowledge extraction from medium voltage load diagrams to support the definition of electrical tariffs
S Ramos, V Figueiredo, F Rodrigues, R Pinhero and Z Vale

Ambient intelligence via multiagent systems in the medical arena
J Machado, V Alves, A Abelha and J Neves

Using ontologies to support and critique decisions
Y Kalfoglou

Modeling group decision meeting participants with an agent-based approach
G Marreiros, C Ramos and J Neves

Decision support for software project planning and enactment
T Sauer and S Goldmann

A computer simulation model for emergency building evacuation with arena
M E Haque and S Balasubramanian

ISEM: A multi-agent system that simulates competitive electronic marketplaces
M J Viamonte, C Ramos, F Rodrigues and J Cardoso

Vol 15 No 4 December 2007

Fuzzy logic application for network contingency ranking using composite criteria
D Thukaram, L Jenkins, H P Khincha, K Visakha and B Ravikumar

Computation of association probabilities with the use of adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system for multi-agent tracking
I Turkmen and K Guney

Wavelet thumbprint analysis of time domain reflectometry signals for wiring flaw detection
M Hinders, R Jones, K Leonard and K Rudd

Intelligent fault diagnosis of electrical power transmission network using FPGA
V Malathi and N S Marimuthu

An architecture based on MAS and ontologies for system identification and process control
E J González, A Hamilton, L Moreno, G N Marichal and J Toledo

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