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Vol 16 2008

Vol 16 No 1 March 2008

Fuzzy logic PWM current controller based shunt active power filter for power quality compensation
K Çağatay Bayindir, Mehmet Tümay and M Uğraş Cuma

A solution to the unit commitment problem via molecular mechanics
Claudio Roa-Sepúlveda, Boris Pavez-Lazo and Mario Lillo-Saavedra

Optimization of crude oil blending with neural networks and bias update scheme
Wen Yu and Xiaoou Li

Engineering intelligent systems novel application to changing the transactional nature of obtaining kWh meter readings
Sadiq Hussain

Multicritical soot-blower optimisation using neural models and fuzzy logic
Marek Strzelczyk, Paweł D Domański and Michał Życki

Enhancing wavelet based monitoring
A M Gaouda

Design of minimum phase digital IIR filters by using genetic algorithm
Nurhan Karaboga and Bahadir Cetinkaya

Vol 16 No 2 June 2008

Neural networks for breakdown voltage estimation of various gas mixtures
Emel Onal

Application of ANN for the detection of winding insulation condition and bearing wear in single phase induction motor
M. S. Ballal, Z. J.Khan, H. M.Suryawanshi and R. L. Sonolikar

Locating capacitor transients disturbance source using complex wavelets
Noraliza Hamzah, Azah Mohamed and Aini Hussain

ANN based fault classifier with wavelet MRA generated inputs
R. N. Mahanty and P. B. Dutta Gupta

An active reactive bid-based market model using fuzzy sets
M. H. Gomes and J. T. Saraiva

Vol 16 No 3 September 2008

Design of minimum phase digital IIR filters by using genetic algorithm
Nurhan Karaboga and Bahadir Cetinkya

The electrical energy management of air-conditioners by probabilistic neural network
Ming-Tong Tsay and Sung-Ling Chen

Modified quad tree network with architectural analysis (M_QUAD)
Sandeep Kumar, P K Bansal and Seema Bawa

Power system sensor failure detection, isolation and characterization using fuzzy logic
V Ananthanarayanan and K E Holbert

Vol 16 No 4 December 2008

Decision support for choosing optimal electromagnetic loop circuit opening scheme based on analytic hierarchy process and multi-level fuzzy comprehensive evaluation
Ning Zhang, Hua Ye and Yutian Liu

A hybrid intelligent system for financial time-series forecasting
Nikos S Thomaidis and George Dounias

A non-intrusive efficiency estimation method for in-service induction motors
using neural networks
A Kargar

Application of a probabilistic neural network for detecting harmonic components
Ming-Tang Tsai, Chia-Hung Lin and Sung-Ling Chen

Solution hierarchies in object oriented conceptual models for knowledge-based systems using extensions of UML 2.0
Darshan Dillon and Tharam Dillon

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