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Vol 18 2010

Vol 18 No 1 March 2010

A fuzzy inference rule-based system for the estimation of forest fire risk: the case of Greece
T. Tsataltzinos, L. Iliadis and S. Spartalis

Initialisation and training procedures for wavelet networks applied to chaotic time series
V. Alarcon-Aquino, O. Starostenko, J. M. Ramirez-Cortes, P. Gomez-Gil
and E. E. Garcia-Treviño

Reduced order models for speed estimation of sensorless induction motor drives based on kalman filter and RLS algorithm
Mostafa I. Marei, Ahmed A. El-Sattar and Elhussein Mahmoud

Artificial intelligence predictive control scheme with its application to a 160 MW drum-type boiler-turbine system
A. H. Mazinan and M. F. Kazemi

Identification of multiple harmonic sources in power systems using independent component analysis and mutual information
Masoud Farhoodnea, Azah Mohamed and Hussain Shareef

Vol 18 No 2 June 2010

An intelligent fault diagnosis method based on soft computing and expert system
Wu Deng, Rong Chen, Xinhua Yang, Yingjie Song and Wen Li

Analysis of the efect of fatigue on walking gait using acceleration sensor placed on the waist
Muhammad Arif, Yasuaki Ohtaki, Ryoichi Nagatomi and Hikaru Inooka

Power quality diagnosis in distribution networks using support vector regression based S-transform technique
Mohamed Fuad Faisal, Azah Mohamed and Hussain Shareef

Neural networks and wavelet transform for short-term electricity prices forecasting
J P S Catalão, H M I Pousinho and V M F Mendes

Gene selection based on a hybrid algorithm
H Mahmoodian, M H Marhaban, R A Rahim, R Rosli and M Iqbal

Vol 18 Nos 3/4 September/December 2010

Special issue
Artificlal Intelligence Applications and Innovations 2010
Lazaros Iliadis, Andreas Andreou and Harris Papadopoulos

Testing sigmoid and gaussian fuzzy sets towards forest fire risk modeling
L S Iliadis, S Skopianos, S Tachos and S Spartalis

Detecting and confining Sybil attack in wireless sensor networks based on reputation systems coupled with clustering algorithms
Z Bankovic, D Fraga, J M Moya, J C Vallejo, A Araujo, P Malagón, J-M de Goyeneche, D Villanueva, E Romero and J Blesa

Conformal predictions for electronic nose system: an application to tea classification
I Nouretdinov, G Li, A Gammerman and Z Luo

A web-based example-tracing tutor for formalising sentences in first order logic
T Chronopoulos, I Hatzilygeroudis, I Perikos and K Kovas

A contourlet transform feature extraction scheme for ultrasound thyroid texture classification
S Katsigiannis, E G Keramidas and D Maroulis

Robust stock market miniung, incorporating financial news and technical analysis data
M Maragoudakis and D Serpanos

A GP-MOEA/D approach for modelling total electron content over Cyprus
A Konstantinidis, H Haralambous, A Agapitos and H Papadopoulos

Osteoporosis risk factor estimation using artificial neural networks
G Anastassopoulos, D Mantzaris, L Iliadis, K Kazakos and H Papadopoulos

Speed optimized face recognition on mobile devices using eigenfaces decomposition
C Doukas and I Maglogiannis

A conflict-resolving approach to ontology evolution in open environments
Y Liu, R Chen, J Gao and H Yang

Feature subset selection for software cost modelling and estimation
E Papatheocharous, H Papadopoulos and A S Andreou

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