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Vol 19 2011

Vol 19 No 1 March 2011

Application of evolutionary computation for automatic generation control in restructired power system
Ranjit Roy, S P Ghoshal and Praghnesh Bhatt

SVC with FLC voltage regulator for enhancement of transient stability of multi machine power system
I Prabhakar Reddy and B V Sanker Ram

Performance comparison of ALUs for binary image authorisation
P KarthigaiKumar and K Baskaran

Swarm intelligence optimized neural networks in solving fractional system of Bagley-Torvik equation
Muhammad Asif Zahoor, Raja A K Junaid and I M Qureshi

A PSO based novel algorithm for economic dispatch problem
T Aruldoss Albert Victoire and N Muralikrishnan

Vol 19 No 2 June 2011

A new approach to power system protection in distribution network with DG units by using radial basis function neural network
Hadi Zayandehroodi, Azah Mohamed, Hussain Shareef and Marjan Mohammadjafari

A fuzzy iterative modulation algorithm for torque ripple minimization in switched reluctance motors
R Gobbi and N C Sahoo

Initiative discovery to inaugurate intelligence in human brain biometric security system
Ijaz Ali Shoukat and Mohsin Iftikhar

A new approach to occupancy map modeling in navigation assisted by computer vision
Julio Riquelme, Nuria Ortigosa, Teresa Magal-Royo, Samuel Morillas and Guillermo Peris-FajarnÚs

Evolutionary programming based optimal model of congestion management for deregulated environment of power sector
Randhir Singh and Yog Raj Sood

Vol 19 No 3 September 2011

Operational effects of electric arc furnaces on the power quality in power system by presenting new model of electric arcs
R Hooshmand and M Torabian Esfahani

Hybrid wavelet-support vector machine approach for auto-reclosing EHV transmission line
V Malathi and N S Marimuthu

Decision tree based fault detection and classification in distance relaying
S R Samantaray, I Kamwa and Geza Joos

Semantic based RBAC with negative authorization and permission hierarchy
Nurmamat Helil and Sangyong Han

Genetically optimized nonlinear control scheme for unified power flow controller
P K Dash, P K Rout and S K Routray

Ride-through topology for adjustable speed drives (ASDs) during power system faults
S S Deswal, Rajveer Mittal, Ratna Dahiya and D K Jain 

Vol 19 No 4 December 2011

A novel model for measuring B2B transaction using intelligent agent and fuzzy system
A Nezarat and GholamHossein Dastghaybifard

Finding shortest path on networks with fuzzy parameters
Yong Deng, Zili Zhang, Felix T S Chan, Yuxin Chen and Yajuan Zhang

A fuzzy set theory based approach for developing optimal bidding strategies for generation companies in electricity market environment
Fushuan Wen, Yixin Ni, Felix F Wu and Li Ma

Online fault accommodation control using cerebellar model articulation controller
Yu-Ju Liu and Chih-Min Lin

Linear discriminant analysis, principal component analysis and sequential forward search for speaker feature extraction: a comparative study
A. Harrag, D Saigaa and N. Harrag

A novel technique for identification and fault distance evaluation of single line to ground faults in a non radial power system network using wavelet transform and artificial neural network
Aritra Dasgupta, Sudipta Nath and Arabinda Das

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