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Vol 23 2015

Vol 23 No 1 March 2015

Multi-objective optimisation of PID controller for DC servo motor using genetic algorithm
Nitish Katal and Sanjay Kumar Singh

Adaptive genetic algorithm assisted multi user detection for FD-MC-CDMA in various frequency selective fading channels
Guntu Nooka Raju and B Prabhakara Rao

Fuzzy-PI-based supervisory frequency control design in a stand-alone AC miocrogrid
M R Feizi, P Babahajiani and H Bevrani

The constraint optimization approach for robust PID design in AVR system
Utkal Mehta and Gancho Vachkov

Vol 23 No 2 June 2015

A new method to predict boxoffice collections for Bollywood movies using online opinion mining
Devendra Tayal, Amita Jain, Divya Gupta and Garvita Saini

Fuzzy indirect field oriented control of a dual star induction motor water pumping system fed by photovoltaic generator
Salim Djeriou, Aissa Kheldoun and Radhwane Sadouni

Dynamic texture recognition using sparse spatiotemporal derivative pattern
Farshid Hajati

A novel fractal analysis based algorithm for classification of transmission line faults
Debojyoti Ghosh and Sudipta Nath

Type-2 fuzzy logic in breast cancer relapse time prediction using genetic algorithm
Hamid Mahmoodian

Vol 23 No 3 September 2015

Adaptive hybrid control of a dynamic voltage restorer in compensating sag/swell and harmonics using a new indirect fuzzy type-2 approach
Mohammad Nabipour, M Razaz, S G H Seifossadat and S S Mortazavi

The study on effective meter position in power distribution network
L Ramesh and N Chowdhury

Direct model identifcation of DC motor using adaptive fuzzy MARX model optimized by MPSO
Cao Van Kien and Ho Pham Huy Anh

A practically validated adaptive calibration technique for temperature measurement using resistance temperature detector
K V Santhosh and B K Roy

Vol 23 No 4 December 2015

Model predictive direct torque control of matrix converter-fed PMSM drives using branch and bound algorithm for torque ripple minimization
S Kannan, S Chinnaiya and C Karthikeyan

Global mapping of courseware contents supporting engineering education
Golam Md Muradul Bashir and Abu Sayed Md Latiful Hoque

ANFIS based unified power-quality conditioner for power quality improvement in multi feeder system
N Karthik and M Surya Kalavathi

Grey wolf optimization algorithm for multi-objective distribution system reconfiguration considering greenhouse gas emissions and loss
Beenish Sultana and M W Mustafa

Short-term temperature prediction in buildings using advanced data analysis techniques
Juan J Carrasco, Mónica Millán-Giraldo, Juan Caravaca, Ignacio Díaz, Javier Sanchis and Emilio Soria-Olivas

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