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Vol 24 2016

Volume 24 Number 1 March 2016

SPECIAL ISSUE: The Fourth IFIP AITP Conference

Tharam Dillon

Detection of adolescent periodic stress via a micro-blog
Liang Zhao, Yuanyuan Xue, Qi Li and Ling Feng

Geodesic derivative pattern for offline signature matching
Farshid Hajati, Samaneh Abdoli and Zohreh Saberi

An overview of the contemporary semantically-based TCM telemedicine systems
Jackei H K Wong and Wilfred W K Lin

Effuicacy of the fuzzy polynucleotide space in phylogenetic tree construction
Awanti Sambarey and Ashok Deshpande

Capturing implied volatility with neural nets as a basis for optioms pricing and Delta hedging
Fahed Mostafa, Tharam Dillon and Elizabeth Chang

Volume 24 Number 2 June 2016

Intelligent controllers for eddy current energy absorber of aircraft arrester barrier system
Arunesh Kumar Singh, D K Chaturvedi, Ibraheem, S Khatoon and M M Gupta

A novel meta-heiristic optimization method for global numerical optimization
Mohamad Shakeri, Hamid Parvin and Marzieh Dadvar

A fused severity index based approach for contingency management using interline power flow converter
G V Nagesh Kumar

In designing of ST-coded in-home PLC transmission scheme
Hassan Mahasneh

Volume 24 Numbers 3-4 September-December 2016

SPECIAL ISSUE: Applications and Techniques in Cyber Intelligence
Guest Editors: Zheng Xu, Zhiguo Yan and Huan Du

A stability criterion method based on neural network and its application on flutter boundary prediction
Zheng Hua, Zhang Jie and Pei Chengming

A novel online optimization technology for data-driven complicated system
Wan Mei Fang

Auction system with privacy protection
Zhen Guo, Yu Fu and Chunjie Gao

Decision model of construction project bid based on information diffusion and possibility theory
Jianping Li, Wuxin Chen and Min Qiu

Edge detection of infrared image base on phase congruency
Longyuan Guo, Baitong Luo, Guoyun Zhang, Jianhui Wu, Bing Tu and Xianfeng Ou

Estimation of crowd density based on deep convolutional neural networks
Tan Zhiyong, Yuan Jiazheng, Bao Hong, Liu Hongzhe and Li Qing

Intelligent data management in cloud computing
Xianlin Zhou, Ji Zeng and Zhenxi Wei

Personalized recommendation model of clothing based on rough set theory
Hongqin Dai, Lili Wang, Jing Wang and Guolian Liu

Study on valuation of industrial heritage based on its integration with public art display space
Yue Zhang

Correlation analysis of the data fields in relational database
Wei Lijun, Pan Yang and Zhang Yan

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