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Vol 25 2017

Volume 25 Number 1 March 2017

Intelligent voltage surge classification in electric power distribution systems
Pascal Dieu Seul Assala, Haoyong Chen and Ping Yang

Intelligent incremental conductance MPPT control based on PSO-neural network algorithm for a photovoltaic water pumping syatem
Bouchra Sefriti, Rachid Naoual and Ismail Boumhidi

Behavioral study of wavelets during transients overvoltages propagation over a distribution network
Pascal Dieu Seul

Intelligent controllers for eddy current energy absorber of aircraft arrester barrier system
Arunesh Kumar Singh, D K Chaturvedi, Ibraheem, S Khatoon
and M M Gupta

Toward a smoke detection system for early fire alarming based on video
processing and fuzzy reasoning
Fatemeh Nazary and Ali M Fotouhi

Volume 25 Number 2 June 2017

Fast learning RBF neural networks based fault location on electrical power distribution lines
Surender Kumar Yellagoud and Purnachandra Rao Talluri

A novel method for analog circuit faults diagnosis based on FA-TM-BP
WenXin Yu, JunNian Wang, Yan Li and Xianglei Bo

A novel approach to energy-efficiency in geographical multi-path routing protocol with adaptive load balancing for wireless multimedia sensor networks
Hasib Daowd Esmail Alariki and M N ShanmukhaSwamy

Optimal allocation of distributed generators and capacitors in electrical distribution systems using artificial intelligence methods
Alaa Abdelwahab Saleh and Ahmad Samir Adail

Fuzzy PD+1 hybrid controller for load frequency control
Arishnil Bali and Utkal Mehta

An improved wavelet network approximation for 3D surface reconstruction
Mohamed Othmani, Yassine Khlifi and Azhaar Jaan

Optimal fuzzy fractional PDµ plus I hybrid controller for power systems via WOA
Arishnil Bali and Utkal Mehta

Volume 25 Numbers 3/4 September/December 2017

Image-based Knife-edge Adjustment in Schlieren System
Xiongxing Zhang and Siyou Su

Study on Customer Satisfaction Evaluation Model for CNC Machine Tools Based on AHP-DEMATEL
Shuguang Sun and Xiyu Liu

Key Technologies and Construction about Distribution Network Operation Associating Monitoring Platform based on Big Data
Xiaoming Zhou, Anlong Su, Aimin Liu, Wei Liu, Weiqi Gao, Dawei Wang and Zhenliu Zhou

KELM Based Position Computation Model for Train
Xiong Xiong

A High-efficiency Method of SAR Image Classification
Xiaorong Xue , Hongfu Wang and Fang Xiang

A five-Gram Unified Event Web Mining Model
Xinyao Zou and Yingji Li

Combined Degree Distribution Algorithm for Raptor Codes
Lina Wang and Wei Wu

Adding and Deleting Operations in Trusted Software Architecture Based on Or-transition Colored Petri Net
Na Zhao, Peng Li, Zhongwen Xie, Jun Chen, Yong Yu and Jian Wang

Image content authentication based on structural difference
Zhao Bo, Qin Gui-he and Zhao Yong-zhe

Hybrid intelligent algorithm for solving M-CVaR portfolio model
Qingquan Jiang, Weiwei Li, Rui Zhang, Xiaosan Zhang and Qinglan Chen

Determination of Optimal Location for Professional Oil Recovery Ships Using Improved Clustering Analysis
Lu Jing and Pengjun Zheng

Emojis Sentiment Analysis via Improved Label Propagation Algorithm
Dongdong Li, Xiangfeng Luo, Xiao Wei, Yike Guo and Ruirong Xue

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